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Licking R-VIII Science Fair 2019

By Shari Harris,
Co-Publisher The Licking Junior High and High School Science Fair was held March 14 at Sherman Hill Fieldhouse. Winners of the Family, Career and Community Leaders of America (FCCLA) Science Fair Award 2019 were Finley Sullins, Junior High, and Cadrian Hutsell, High School. Overall winners for Junior High were Gracie Berriault 1st place for “Different brands of crayons’ melting time and melting distances;” Trevor Richards 2nd place for “Potato mold vs. different surfaces;” and Brodie Williams 3rd place for “Jolly ranchers vs. dissolve time.” Overall winners for High School were Landon Medlock 1st place for “Carbon monoxide emission of aging cars;” Matthew Funk 2nd place for “How cattle affect stream macroinvertebrates;” and Sydnie Werkmeister and Seth Farris 3rd place for “Can a lemon charge an iPhone?” Seven categories were included in the Junior High Division (JH), including biology, physical science (part 1 & part 2), ballistics/arrow, sports science, food scien…

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