BREAKING: Local Grass Fire Still Flaming on Hwy AB burns 2.5 Acres Behind Home

Grass fires are keeping our small local Fire Department hopping this winter. A grass fire down Hwy AB in Licking MO has currently spread 2.5 acres in a matter of minutes due to ashes being thrown out from a wood stove in the owner’s back yard. Lonnie Hall’s back yard is still being watered down by our volunteer fire fighters, with the help of a few neighbors and relatives. Arnold Hall and Melissa Hall were hastily smothering small flames with buckets of water while the fire fighters are busy with the bigger flames back at the wood line of Lonnie’s property. He had a brush pile built with no intention of burning that quickly lit up and engulfed a few cedar trees around it’s edges.

Just a reminder to not burn during even slightly windy days, and if you are throwing ashes out, please take a bucket of water and smother them as they can catch the instant you turn your back.

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Andrea Dukeman
Andrea is a Staff Writer at The Licking News.

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