Gospel Chapel Church of Christ Gets a New Home and a New Preacher

By Debbie Dakin

Gospel Chapel Church of Christ has a new home. The church was formerly located on Hwy 32 and Pigeon Creek Road. The new location (the former Black Forest Grill) just off of Hwy 63 on Hill Road is to be a new home for the church.

Members did some revamping to turn the former restaurant into a church setting. “We built a stage, bought chairs, installed carpet and put up a sign,” stated member Todd Fudge. “We are remodeling the kitchen for a fellowship room and a smaller kitchen since it was so big as a commercial kitchen.”

Gospel Chapel Church of Christ will have classes for all ages, nursery through adult. The first day to hold services in their new facility was Sunday, November 26. They gladly welcome all to visit them at their new location, 18225 Hill Road, just a short distance south of Licking. Sunday morning Bible classes begin at 10 a.m., Sunday morning worship at 11. Sunday evening Bible class starts at 6 p.m. Wednesday family dinner is at 6 p.m. with Bible classes following at 6:30.

Besides a new building, Gospel Chapel also has a new preacher. For nine months the church had a congregation member serve as preacher but has now hired John Theobald. John and his wife Kelly live in Rolla and have two sons.

Theobald served in the U.S. Army for 24 years and acquired the nickname Theo. Theobald currently holds a master’s degree from Central Michigan and is pursuing a second master’s degree from Lipscomb University focusing on theology. However, Theobald has often been heard to say, “You don’t need a degree to show compassion and love to your neighbor.”

Theobald has had the opportunity to preach and speak at numerous events all across the USA. His goal is to help expand the Kingdom of God. He believes the mission of the church is to be a service to the community while worshipping God, following Jesus and leaning on the Spirit.

“I am less interested in following a religious schedule than just following Jesus,” stated Theobald. “Jesus called us to go into the world to spread the Gospel. The Gospel (good news) calls us into a relationship with Jesus and that is an awesome message. In a time when we see division, Jesus calls us to unity by loving God and each other.”

Theobald believes that the church sets the environment for healing and that is something we all need. He is looking forward to meeting and engaging more of the community in the future.

The former dining room of Black Forest Grill has been converted into Gospel Chapel’s new sanctuary.

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Andrea is a Staff Writer at The Licking News.

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