Liz Reeder Publishes Her First Book

By Debbie Dakin

Liz Reeder, Licking Alumni of the class of ’96 got her fist book published this October. The book, titled “51 The Beginning” is the first book in a series of five novels. It is in the science fiction category and promises to keep its readers’ curiosity piqued.

The story begins when  Lindsay Gold, recently fired from her deputy’s position at a small county sheriff’s department in the Missouri Ozarks, is approached by two members of the county commission asking her to take over the job as sheriff. It seems the sheriff has suddenly quit.

When Lindsay assumes control of the department, she soon finds herself dealing with an incident that occurs on the local military base. Even worse, she’s receiving calls regarding strange creatures and paranormal activities.

Fortunately, she has the help of a federal agent who is in charge of the program that caused the problems. Unfortunately, that agent, Wren Gold, happens to be her husband, who never told her what his job really involved. Now the couple must work together in order to manage the strange events of the county. Lindsay had expected a normal sheriff’s job, but she could not have been more wrong.

When I asked Reeder what inspired her to begin her novel series she laughed, “Really I’m shocked. I never enjoyed writing, but one day I got a brainstorm that maybe I should write a book. I had been dealing with some health issues but I thought what would I write about.”

“At that time everything was about Big Foot,” continued Reeder. “Big Foot sightings were reported everywhere. I was reading and saw that there was a Big Foot sighting reported on Engineer Trail of Fort Wood. Soon Fort Wood closed Engineer Trail for two weeks because of a reported black bear sighting. And it clicked, I said there we go, that’s the book!”

Reeder was inspired and sat down and wrote “51 The Beginning” in just three weeks. In fact, she finished the whole series of five novels in just 11 months.

“I’ve never wrote before,” laughed Reeder. “In high school I was always thinking how little can I write and still get an A. Sometimes I wonder how and why I did that.”

“51 The Beginning” is published through Archway Publications, which is a division of Simon and Schuster. The book is available from the publication web site, at all Barnes and Noble bookstores, Amazon, Google and if not in your local bookstore, they can order it.

I asked Liz what might be ahead for the future and she responded, “I’m working on an illustrated field guide for the creatures encountered in the series.”

I am excited about reading Reeder’s first publication and look forward to getting to read the whole series. I wish her much continued success and hope this might lead to her on a long literary journey.

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Andrea Dukeman
Andrea is a Staff Writer at The Licking News.

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