Lunch in Licking-Dunky’s Old Fashioned Ice Cream

By Debbie Dakin

There’s a great new place to have lunch in Licking. Dunky’s Old Fashioned Ice Cream now offers a “soup of the day” and sometimes even has the choice of two kinds. Most days they also have some type of sandwich.

“I walk out on my deck each morning and drink my coffee,” laughed Gary Duncan, owner of Dunky’s, “And I’ll think today feels like a good day for chili, or ham and beans, or whatever. That’s the kind I’ll make for that day.”

Dunky’s is known for their delicious ice cream, made the old fashioned way – in a wooden barrel with rock salt. They always have at least 20 flavors available and even homemade waffle cones. You can also choose your favorite flavor/flavors and get milkshakes, malts or sundaes. In addition, Dunky’s has homemade pies and cinnamon rolls. And don’t forget their coffees. They have espresso, cappuccino and lattes.

My co-workers and I ordered the beef barley (twice now) soup and I can assure you, it is delicious! It had a good rich beef broth base chock full of chunks of beef, fresh veggies and barley. It was seasoned just right and we all loved it.

The first time we also ordered grilled cheese sandwiches to go with our soup. (Grilled cheese compliments any kind of soup.) My co-workers have also enjoyed the roast beef sliders au jus and assured me they were delicious. I look forward to trying them soon.

“Most days we have a choice or two of sandwiches,” said Duncan. “We try to switch them up.”

Hot fresh homemade soup makes a great lunch. Not only does it taste good, it’s good for you. It’s hard to go somewhere and get a bowl of homemade soup, so Dunky’s offers a welcome change of pace.

Our orders are take-out to bring back to the office and eat. Dunky’s has the neatest soup containers! They offer different sizes but the containers are like vintage round ice cream containers – good for ice cream or soup to go!

Dunky’s is located at 117 North Main here in Licking. Their hours are from 11 a.m. to 8 p.m. Tuesday through Saturday. You can give them a call at 573-671-2114.

Now if I go to Dunky’s for lunch, I can be good and have a nice healthy bowl of soup. Or I can be a little bit naughty and have that three-scoop banana split. Either way, I can’t lose!

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