Sheriff’s Report for April 13

March 18

As a deputy was patrolling Highway 17, Houston, he found a spoon that field-tested positive for methamphetamine. The spoon was disposed of by the sheriff’s department.

A Licking man reported money was missing out of his bank account. He identified suspects in the case, but did not follow up with a statement.

March 19

The theft of saddles, tools, game consoles and other items, valued at a total of $6,595.00, was reported on Route AW, Plato.

A Summersville man reported he had let an employee use his truck and the employee refused to return it. The employee was contacted and said the owner could come and retrieve the truck.

Trespassing was reported on Brushy Creek Road, Raymondville. No one was found. The complainant did not wish to leave a name or number.

A break-in was reported on Route BB, Licking. The lock on a sliding door was broken. Nothing was missing from the residence.

An alarm call was received at a residence on Shady Grove Road, Cabool, but was cancelled before the deputy arrived.

A deputy was asked to assist Missouri State Highway Patrol with a hit-and-run accident at the junction of Route AM and Pleasant Hill Road, Mtn. Grove. It was determined that the collision was purposeful and not an accident and an investigation was begun. One person was brought in for questioning. Information was being sent to the prosecuting attorney’s office for a review.

March 20

An Elk Creek man reported a neighbor had been using an old logging road on his property to get to the neighbor’s residence. The deputy observed that the neighbor was accessing the logging road by driving in the state’s right-of-way, making ruts in the ditch. The deputy advised the neighbor that he needed to contact Missouri Department of Transportation to have a culvert installed or he could be cited for property damage.

A resident alarm was received on Route H, Cabool. The residence was found to be secure. No one was at home.

An attempted break-in was reported on Oak Hill Road, Houston, where the caller believed someone had tried to kick in the front doors of a church.

A Hartshorn man reported a kidnapping, saying his juvenile son had left in a vehicle with the juvenile’s stepbrother. The stepbrother was contacted and advised that the father did not want his son to go live with the stepbrother. The son was returned to the man, who said he did not wish to pursue charges.

March 21

A man called to report a dead body hanging from a tree in the Licking area. Deputies and troopers with Missouri State Highway Patrol were unable to locate anyone in a tree. Information was being sent to the prosecuting attorney’s office for the filing of charges related to misusing 911 and making a false report.

The wellbeing of a person on Highway 17, Houston, was checked.

A Plato man reported a missing license plate. He said he believed the plate fell off his vehicle.

March 22

A warrant arrest was made on Forrest Drive, Houston. The subject was taken to Texas County Jail.

A Licking man reported he had sold a vehicle to a person and when he went to cash the check for the purchase, the account had been closed. He said he had taken the check to the prosecuting attorney’s office and that he wanted to pursue charges of stealing. A report and probable cause statement were being sent to the prosecuting attorney’s office.

March 27

A man reported a woman had assaulted him at a Forrest Drive, Houston, residence. Both parties gave voluntary statements. The 12-hour rule was placed into effect.

A Houston man said he had given a landowner an easement through his property on Morton Road and that the landowner then put up a gate. The man said he does not want the gate on his property and wanted it removed. He was advised he could remove the gate if he owns the property, but could not destroy the gate or keep it.

March 28

The theft of a chop saw and cash was reported at a Highway 63, Cabool, business. The loss from the break-in was estimated at $1,838.00. The chop saw was recovered as a deputy was working another case, and a report was to be sent to the prosecuting attorney’s office seeking charges.

A child called the sheriff’s office, saying his grandmother was attacking him. Upon arrival at the Camden Lane, Bucyrus, residence, a deputy observed that the woman was in need of medical attention and an ambulance was called. The Division of Family Services was called and the children at the residence were removed until a parent could arrive from out of state to get them.

A Plato woman on Turley Road reported her vehicle had been broken into and her wallet containing cash, a bank card and her license had been taken. The loss was estimated at $350.00.

A residential break-in was reported on Highway 63, Houston. Medication was reported missing from the home. Two suspects were identified and arrested, held on a 24-hold. Information was being sent to the prosecuting attorney’s office seeking charges in the case.

A search warrant was executed on Steffens Street, Houston. Approximately three pounds of marijuana, 42 Tramadol pills, five morphine pills, three hydrocodone pills, a baggie of a crystal-like substance, and items used for the packaging and distribution of narcotics were found. Two suspects residing at the residence were arrested and taken to jail. Two small children were paced into the custody of the state’s Children’s Division.

A domestic disturbance was reported on Camden Lane, Houston. Both parties came to an agreement over an argument they were having. The 12-hour rule was placed into effect.

March 29

Trash dumping was reported on Jacks Ford Road, Mtn. View. It was determined the items had been stolen from the residence of a Howell County man who passed away about a year ago.

While searching on Indian Creek Road, Houston, for a Summersville woman who was a wanted fugitive, the woman’s vehicle was found. The plates had been tampered with and were seized to be destroyed.

March 30

Angela M. Howell, 34, Salem, was issued a citation for failure to maintain financial responsibility, no proof of insurance, following a stop made on Highway 17, Roby.

A wellbeing check was conducted on Curran Road, Willow Springs.

A domestic disturbance was reported on Morton Road, Houston. A man was taken into custody and held on a 12-hour hold for domestic violence.

A deputy assisted a Division of Family Services investigator on a call on King Road, Mtn. Grove.

A man on Boone Creek Road, Licking, reported someone had set up a tent on his property and was living there without his permission.  The person who had set up the tent was gone when the deputy arrived.

A prisoner was transported to a Pulaski County court appearance in Waynesville and returned to Texas County Jail.

A prisoner was transported from Butler County to Texas County Jail.

March 31

A prisoner was transported from Cabool Police Department to Texas County Jail.

A prisoner was transported from Howell County Jail, West Plains, to Texas County Jail.

April 1

A woman on Highway 137, Willow Springs, reported her two children and a friend had been shooting guns behind her house and that a neighbor had fired a pistol at them. The neighbor was contacted and said she had fired a shot into the ground because a bullet hit her window. She showed the deputy where she shot into the ground. The neighbor said she did not wish to pursue charges.

A deputy assisted Houston Police Department in trying to locate a man who was a suspect in the assault on a Houston woman. The man was located and arrested on an outstanding warrant.

A Houston man said a woman who threw rocks at his vehicle and struck him with a baseball bat. He was asked to fill out a statement form, but did not do so.

A deputy assisted a Division of Family Services investigator on a call on Highway 137, Yukon.

Barbara G. Nehus, 69, Raymondville, was cited for failure to register a motor vehicle and failure to maintain financial responsibility, no proof of insurance, following a traffic stop on Route B, Raymondville.

A Honda generator was reported missing following a break-in on Macedonia Road, Cabool.

April 2

A truck was reported to be blocking the gate of property on Dade Lane, Cabool. The vehicle was towed at the owner’s expense.

A resident on Friendship Drive, Raymondville, brought in a threatening letter he had received in the mail from a Salem, Arkansas, address. The matter is under investigation.

A deputy assisted with traffic control near the scene of a structure fire on Highway 137, Raymondville.

A domestic dispute was reported on Piney Drive, Houston. Information was being sent to the prosecuting attorney’s office for a review.

A prowler report was checked out on Highway 137, Tyrone. No one was found.

A Raymondville man reported the theft of a riding lawnmower and a disc grinder from his shop on Fisher Drive. The shop also sustained damage to a door. The loss was estimated at $470.00.

A woman on Route U, Cabool, reported her mailbox had been knocked down by a road grader. Upon speaking with the grader operator, the deputy determined the mailbox had been knocked down before the road was being graded.

A deputy was dispatched to Birchen Road, Hartshorn, on a domestic disturbance call. The deputy was unable to locate the parties involved.

April 3

A peace disturbance was reported at a bar on Highway 60, Mtn. Grove. An intoxicated person was taken to Texas County Jail for a 12-hour safe keeping hold.

A domestic disturbance was reported on Highway 17, Bucyrus, Neither party wished to pursue charges. The 12-hour rule was placed into effect.

A report of trespassing was received on Freely Give Road, Cabool. It was determined to be a civil matter between a property owner and a tenant.

A business alarm was checked out on Highway 63, Cabool. It was found that a child had been playing with the entry keypad.

A prisoner was transported to a correctional facility in Fulton.

April 4

A report was received that there was a length of chain in the road at Highway 17 and Evergreen Road, Bucyrus. Nothing was found.

A report of trespassing and a gunshot was received on Vollmer Drive, Raymondville. A woman noticed a vehicle at neighbor’s property and then heard a gunshot. She said she was struck in the face with a shot pellet. It was determined a man had been fishing on the property and had fired a 20-gauge shotgun at a bird. The woman did not wish to pursue charges, and the man was told to leave the property.

Investigation was begun into the possible assault of a juvenile by an adult on Plato Drive, Plato. The adult allegedly grabbed the arm of the juvenile.

A resident on Colburn Road, Cabool, reported the theft of a package from his mailbox. The package contained a rifle barrel valued at $212.00.

A prisoner was transported from Douglas County Jail, Ava, to Texas County Jail.

A prisoner was transported from Pulaski County Jail, Waynesville, to Texas County Jail.

A prisoner was transported from the correctional facility at Licking to Texas County Jail.

A citation for animal trespass/failure to maintain adequate control of animals was issued to Ashley R. Collins, 28, Cabool, after a neighbor on Simmons Drive, Cabool, reported her dogs had come to his property, acting aggressively.

April 5

Two persons were arrested for domestic assault in the third degree following a call on Shafer Road, Licking.

A business owner on Business 60, Mtn. Grove, reported a two-vehicle accident had occurred on his property. The deputy spoke with both parties involved. The two exchanged insurance information.

A report was received of an open door at a residence on Route N, Licking. Nothing was found to be out of place at the residence.

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