Texas County Sheriff’s Report – May 11th 2017

April 17

A Bucyrus woman reported her former landlord had thrown some of her belongings away and burned them. A report was being forwarded to the prosecuting attorney’s office for a review.

April 19

Officers with Texas County Sheriff’s Office and Phelps Country Sheriff’s Office went to an Edgar Springs address in an attempt to locate a wanted subject. A man at that residence was found to have an active Texas County warrant and was placed under arrest.

April 20

A runaway juvenile was reported on Evening Shade Road, Roby. The juvenile was located in a wooded area, transported to Texas County Justice Center and turned over to the juvenile office. The juvenile’s mother later picked up the child.

April 25

A man reported two vicious dogs running loose at Mineral Springs River Access, Houston. No dogs were there when the deputy arrived.

April 27

A deputy ran a check on a vehicle with a dealer plate and discovered the plate had been stolen out of St. Louis. The woman driving the vehicle said it belonged to a Bucyrus man. The man stated he was in the process of buying the vehicle from a person in St. Louis. The man was advised he would be held on a 24-hour seeking a warrant for the theft of the plate. As of this date, the vehicle had not been reported as stolen.

A deputy assisted a Division of Family Services investigator on a call on Highway 32, Plato.

A woman reported her pickup was on Baxter Road, Licking, and the person possessing it was refusing to return it. She had a wrecker ready to retrieve the vehicle and requested that deputies accompany the wrecker as the vehicle was picked up. The vehicle was retrieved.

A resident on Green Drive, Cabool, reported her dog had been attacked and killed by her neighbor’s dog. The neighbor was contacted and told to maintain adequate control of his dog. He stated the animal would no longer be living at that address.

April 28

A prisoner was transported from Dent County Jail, Salem, to Texas County Jail.

Deputies were dispatched to Timber Hill Road where a vehicle was reported to be stuck in the river with a man inside. No vehicle was found in the water. A vehicle with damage was found at the intersection of Smith Road with no one inside. The windshield has been broken out and there were footprints on the hood. The vehicle was towed from the scene to keep it from possibly being swept down the river.

April 29

An attempt was made to do a wellbeing check on Route M, Plato. No one was home.

A motorist was stranded by high water on Elk Creek Road, Elk Creek. Texas County Rescue Unit responded and safely extricated the driver.

A medical emergency was reported on Whitlock Road, Licking, where a woman had no electricity and needed a breathing treatment. The deputy was unable to reach the residence due to flooding. A Missouri State Highway Patrol officer who lived close by was able to walk to the residence and fuel her generator.

A deputy assisted Missouri State Highway Patrol with a swift water rescue on Route BB, Licking. Four people and a dog were trapped at a residence due to floodwater. A rescue boat was deployed and all were brought to safety.

Possible vehicle tampering was reported on Country Aire Lane, Mtn. Grove, where a woman said someone attempted to break into her vehicle, setting off its alarm

April 30

Two deputies responded to a report of a vehicle stalled out in water on Highway VV near Highway 137. The two were able to pull the vehicle out of the water and the driver was able to restart the vehicle and leave.

Houston Police Department requested assistance with a car in the water at Highway 63 and Brushy Creek Road. The vehicle, which had washed away from a residence, was found and was unoccupied.

The wellbeing of a person on Big Creek Road, Yukon, was checked.

A deputy was called to assist an ambulance crew on a call on Brown Hill Road, Houston.

May 1

A deputy assisted Missouri State Highway Patrol on a report of a careless and imprudent driver on Highway 63 south of Licking who was reportedly running cars off the road. The vehicle and driver were not found.

A man on Oakdale Road, Houston, reported a woman had violated a safety plan put in place by the Division of Family Services, Children’s Division. He later denied making the phone call.

The wellbeing of a person on Nevill Road, Cabool, was checked.

A report was received of a dog running at large on Vernon Drive, Cabool, chasing horses and pigs. Contact was made with the dog’s owner, who was advised to keep the animal up or he would receive a citation.

A prisoner was transported to and from a medical facility in St. Louis.

May 2

A deputy was dispatched to Highway 63 and Route RA for a report of an individual running around in the road. A woman was found at the scene and she said she had been involved in a domestic dispute on Oakdale Road, Houston. She was taken to her residence, where a man was contacted. Neither wished to file a complaint. The 12-hour rule was put into effect.

The wellbeing of a person on Clear Springs Road, Willow Springs, was checked.

The FBI requested information on two subjects. The information was obtained and returned to them.

A residential alarm was answered on Russell Drive, Cabool. The house was found to be secure.

A woman on Barnes Road, Cabool, reported a Smith and Wesson Bodyguard .380-caliber semiautomatic handgun missing from her vehicle. The gun was valued at $375.00.

A prisoner was transported from Benton County Jail, Warsaw, to Texas County Jail.

A prisoner was transported from Buchanan County Jail, St. Joseph, to Texas County Jail.

May 3

An attempt was made to check the wellbeing of a person on Beeler Road, Cabool.

A property check was conducted on Route BB, Licking, where the large overhead door of the building was open. The building was checked and no damage found to the vehicles or equipment inside. The building was then secured.

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