Flames Engulf Home on School Street in Licking

Fire breaks out in house on School Street

By Andrea Sullins

Staff Writer

A house on School Street in Licking quickly became engulfed in flames at approximately 1:40 p.m. March 7. Eric Terry, owner of the home, stood by, and continued to watch, as smoke started flooding out of windows and doors. Local bystanders could hear glass items exploding inside, some being catapulted to the street from the busted out front window.

First on the scene was the Chief of Police Scott Lindsey. He hastily started securing the scene by making sure everyone was out of the home and directed traffic elsewhere. Within minutes, the flames surrounded the outside of the carport, eventually taking it to the ground as the Licking Fire Department started unrolling the hoses.

Firefighters Kent Sturgeon, Mike Drozdo, and Bobby Liveoak hit the ground running, while Randy Wilson assisted with hoses on the fire truck. Water was being doused on the flames, along with the neighboring house to the right.

Terry stated it was something in the laundry room that started the fire. He had switched out the laundry, and came back a couple minutes later to smoke and flames coming from the room he had left just moments before.

“If it’s not one thing, it’s another,” Terry commented.

Texas County Ambulance was dispatched to be on scene, and family and firefighters were hard at work to try and save what they could from the home.

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