Looking Back at Licking – Jane McKinney

“I still believe today that the classroom should reflect a positive learning environment and professionalism is important.” ~ Jane McKinney

Barbara Rodgers correctly guessed last week’s Looking Back at Licking entry from 1993, as her Licking High School teacher, Jane McKinney. Barbara remembers Mrs. McKinney fondly, and says she will always place paper clips properly, thanks to the business teacher who was admittedly “old school,” and taught the proper way of doing things.

Deanna Sparks, who works alongside Barbara at Licking City Hall, recalls Mrs. McKinney’s fabulous wedding ring. One day during class, she was mesmerized with the ring, and when the teacher asked, “Why are you giggling?” Deanna responded, “I can’t take my eyes off your ring!” Mrs. McKinney then proceeded to hand her the ring, saying, “Maybe if you wear it the rest of the day you can pay attention!” A memorable day that Deanna will never forget.

Another former student, Angie Dell Mansfield, (now Foster), remembers Mrs. McKinney as one of her favorite teachers. Currently a successful independent owner/agent for State Farm Insurance in Rolla, she recalls how Mrs. McKinney instilled ethics and professionalism in her students. Angie recalls this about Mrs. McKinney, who is now her Facebook friend, “Once weekly, she had the class come to class in business attire, and she would critique our professionalism, including dress, make-up and even how we walked. Mrs. McKinney had a big impact on my career.”

Jane McKinney, retired now, but active on Facebook, had this to say about her former students and career, “The great thing about teaching is when students enter the classroom ready to learn and leave with the skills and knowledge to achieve their goals in life. Angie was one of these students. I was blessed to have many like her. There is more to teaching than the subject content. You want your students to leave the class at the end of the year with the knowledge, but more importantly with greater confidence in what they can achieve. I am so very proud of Angie and many, many students like her. Teachers can provide students the opportunity to learn, but it is the students who take that knowledge and make it work for them.

Mrs. McKinney, ever the educator, reviewed some interesting local history with The Licking News. “I taught Citizenship to all freshman and two business classes when I began teaching and moved to full time Business following the retirement of current teacher, Helen Wilson, who retired. Mrs. Wilson’s husband was sheriff of Texas County. She was also my high school business teacher. Later a second full time business teacher was hired, Linda Roberts, who was a former student. When I retired, a former student, Charolette Watskey took my place. When she retired, a former student, Janelle Duncan took her place. They were, and still are, all outstanding students and individuals. “

“I loved teaching, and taught for 34 years. I still believe today that the classroom should reflect a positive learning environment and professionalism is important. I am old school and believe first appearances do count.”

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  1. like the story. glad to hear what some of our retired teachers are doing

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