The First Great Buffalo Round-Up

Pictured center is Terry Wilson, actor who played the role of Bill Hawk on the show Wagon Train. Also participating in the round up were (l) Jim Baber former Dallas Cowboys football player and(r) Suzy Humphries, movie director.


A few weeks ago, Bob Parker, the author of Hunting Wild, wrote about the last great Texas County Buffalo hunt. Following that article, Gene Derrickson, former editor of The Licking News, stopped by with photos of what may have been the FIRST great buffalo round up in Texas County, held right here in Licking.

On March 14 1974, the feature story in the Licking News featured the story of the buffalo stampede held on the Stan Harper (former Albert Nord) farm, northwest of Licking. With cast members of the popular show Wagon Train participating, and cowboys from Licking and Salem, the buffalo were rounded up in stampede fashion in order to be vaccinated, while movie footage was rolling to be displayed on television in Dallas, Texas.





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