Bill Federer speaks in Licking 11/11/17

The Texas County Federation of Republican Women meeting welcomes Bill Federer this Saturday at 12:00 noon. He will be speaking at the Destiny Worship Center, 101 Old Mill Road, Licking.  (Directions:  At the intersection of Hwy 32/Hwy 137 in Licking, turn left — the Worship Center is about 1/2 block from the intersection on the right.)

 William “Bill” Federer, is a wwll-known national speaker and author  — he would probably be categorized as an American historian who has several books showing how God is central to the founding and continuation of our “free” nation.  Some of the books he has written are:   “America’s God and Country Encyclopedia of Quotations” (1994), “Judicial Tyranny – The New Kings of America” (2005), “There Really Is a Santa Claus – The History of Saint Nicholas & Christmas Holiday Traditions” (2002), “Miracles in American History: 32 Amazing Stories of Answered Prayer” (2012), “The Original Thirteen:  A Documentary History of America’s First Thirteen States” (2006), “Three Secular Reasons Why America Should Be Under God” (2004), “Endangered Speeches:  How the ACLU, IRS, and LBJ Threaten Extinction of Free Speech” (2008), and several books on Islam, as well as others about American history — he has written at least 21 books.

All guests, including men, are welcome to attend this meeting. For more information, contact Diane Krantz, Chair
Texas County Republican Committee
(Phone:  417-967-4699)

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