Cpl. Pat Burton single-handedly captures SCCC escapee

By: Marie Lasater

After 9 days on the run, and multiple ground and air searches, John T. Long was apprehended by Corporal Pat Burton of the Licking Police Department.

On February 3, approximately 4:45 p.m., Burton was providing extra security at the Licking High School gym for the basketball tournaments when he received a call from dispatch about a sighting of the escaped prisoner. According to a spectator at the tournament, immediately after his call, Burton slammed his hand down on the bench, and raced out of the building. Approximately 4 minutes later, Burton spotted Long walking southbound on Highway 137 near Hwy VV. Following a short chase, Long was apprehended in the yard of a local home, placed prone and handcuffed by Cpl. Burton, and placed in his police car. He was then transported back to prison.

Long, wearing the same clothes he was wearing when he left the prison, reportedly said that it was stupid for him to run off. He also said he was hungry and tired.  A call to SCCC regarding Long’s current whereabouts went unanswered, confirming only that he is in custody, but declining to identify the facility, citing an “ongoing investigation.”

We caught up with Corporal Burton for his thoughts on the arrest, and he had this to say, “It feels great being able to be a part of apprehending Long and seeing him go back to prison. I’m thankful for the citizens who gave us the information of his location and the support our citizens always show for law enforcement.”

As news broke of the arrest, social media was flooding with thoughts of gratitude for Corporal Burton, and an entire community is breathing a sigh of relief.

About the Author

Andrea Dukeman
Andrea is a Staff Writer at The Licking News.

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  1. Steve/Carlene Ingram | February 11, 2018 at 3:34 pm | Reply

    A huge thank you to The Licking News for allowing us to publish a letter to the editor last April warning the public about John Long. (Surrounding newspapers said it was to controversial to publish it.) We just wanted to warn people of his immoral behavior & protect our community! Again thank you, you stepped when no one else would!!!

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