Ping Pong Master brings home amazing win for Licking Bridge Builders

Eugen Maxey played a mean ping pong. Maxey gathered sponsorships from across the country making him the undisputed Ping Pong Master.

By Melissa Gilmour
Staff Writer

Eugene’s granddaughter Rachael Holt stepped up to play ping pong when the tables were opened to anyone who wished to play.

After a successful year of fundraising and campaigning for the Licking Bridge Builders, also known as the Licking Senior Center, Cindy Wampner and mastermind Eugene Maxey put together a fish fry and Ping Pong-a-Thon on June 11 to help fund the new building. The event featured a fried catfish dinner, complete with all the trimmings, and friendly rounds of ping pong.  The packed hall included members of the Licking Senior Center, friends, and family who came in mass to support the center and watch the games.

Several members of the Senior Center sought sponsorship for the day’s events. Six people raised a grand total of $3,829 in total sponsorships. In a not so surprising upset Eugene Maxey, slated as “The Ping Master,” shocked the packed Bridge Builder dining hall as they announced the monies raised in sponsorship of the key players.  Darius Wentz took third place raising $125, Cindy Wampner took second place with $293, and Eugene came in first place with an impressive $3,195 total.  Maxey had appealed to people around the country including his friends, family, and former students. “Do you see the shirt I’m wearing?” Maxey asked, “My son’s boss said that if I wore it to play [ping pong] he’d donate fifty-dollars!” The exuberant Maxey was ripe with humility as he played round after round of ping pong.

The day was filled with fun and light-hearted competition, bringing together the community to support a great cause.  The volunteers who gave their time delivered a wonderful event and truly delightful food.  Anyone who is interested in donating their time, or giving a monetary donation to the Senior Center can contact Cindy Wampner by calling 573-674-3558.

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