Stallcup triplets celebrate first birthday

By Marie Lasater

The first set of triplets born in Texas County in recent history just celebrated their first birthday, albeit a few weeks late due to a bout with the flu. The event was held in Houston at the University of Missouri Extension community room.

While grandma Angie Wilkerson was putting the finishing touches on a fitting “Winter Wonderland” birthday party for the now one-year olds born last winter, Mom Teresa Stallcup and the three adorable one year olds were running late; In addition to the triplets, she was babysitting her sister-in-law’s three children as she had just given birth two days prior.  Dad Corey Stallcup helped with setting up the hot cocoa bar, just one part of the child-friendly buffet table that also included a “melted snowman” (a clear glass ice water carafe containing a single carrot), cheetos, animal crackers, baby carrots, tortilla chips and homemade gourmet cupcakes, courtesy of grandma Angie, who also made Ellie, Weldon and Russell their own cake to destroy; affectionately known in the family as “smash cakes.”

As previously reported, Teresa and Corey Stallcup found out she was having triplets at her first ultrasound when she was 8 weeks pregnant.  There was concern she had miscarried two weeks prior, so the couple feared sad news. Instead, the ultrasound screen showed two sacs. “Oh, my gosh, there are twins!” thought Teresa. A third little bubble popped up on the screen, and it slowly sunk in that Teresa was carrying three healthy babies, a complete surprise, but not unexpected as multiple births are frequent on Teresa’s side of the family, with several sets of twins. Theresa’s great grandfather was a twin, one cousin has triplets, and there are several sets of twins in the family. Her first cousin delivered identical twins last July, with another cousin currently expecting twins.

Following a C-section, the babies were born at 33 weeks and 1 day. Ellie June Stallcup weighed 4 lb. 9 oz. at birth, Russell Dean Stallcup weighed 5 lb 5 oz, and Weldon Ray Stallcup weighed 3 lb. 10 oz.  As of their birthday on December 22nd, the babies had more than quadrupled their weights, with Ellie weighing 23 lbs, Russell, 23 lbs., and Weldon catching up quickly at 21 lbs.

As each of the triplets were seated in their own place of honor high-chairs, they were presented with a color coded cake; Weldon with a green frosted cake, Ellie with a pink frosted cake, and Russell with a blue frosting. The approximately 25 friends and family members found how incredibly entertaining it is to watch children experiencing birthday cake for the first time, with three times the fun!

When asked about being the mom of triplets, Theresa replies, “When people see me they always tell me I have my hands full and kind of give me these ‘I feel sorry for you looks,’ but I really wish they wouldn’t. Yes my hands are full, and I’m very busy, but my heart is even fuller! God blessed me with 3 perfect babies, and I wouldn’t have it any other way.  As we say in my triplet group, ‘If you think my hands are full, you should see my heart!’”



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