Weed Control Team Spraying This Month

Contractors (APEX Right-of-Way Services) for Intercounty Electric Cooperative will perform chemical vegetation control again this year 
to manage growth within our cooperative rights-of-way. Targeted areas for application include the 
communities of Licking, Craddock, Sherrill, Maples, Slabtown, Prescott, Boiling Springs, Success, Roby, 
Plato, Summersville, Hartshorn, Midvale, Clear Springs, Oakside, and east of Salem including Doss, 
Turtle, Max and Stone Hill. All work to be done is typically performed using hand-held backpack 
equipment while walking the rights-of-way or by use of small motorized vehicles or ATV equipment. 
Vegetation and woody plants are sprayed or treated to maintain reliability of the electric service in your 
area while providing additional access for our crews during outage and maintenance activities. 
Notifications by phone will provide information to members who will be affected by the work to be 
performed. Work is scheduled to begin August 15 and will continue through September of this year. 
Please contact Apex Right-of-Way Services between the hours of 8:00 am and 4:00 pm Monday through 
Friday if you have questions or comments at 1-501-289-6516. Apex Right-of-Way Services will need your
 Intercounty Electric map location number and your telephone number to verify your location.

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