Candidates address Republican Women’s group

By Marie Lasater



The June meeting of the Texas County Republican Women was held on June 9 at El Imperial Restaurant in Cabool, and was hosted by Tona Bowen.

Following the Pledge of Allegiance and a brief discussion about the loss of Governor Eric Greitens, Brenda Jarrett, Republican Candidate for county clerk, took the floor to discuss her qualifications for the office. Labeling the theme for her campaign as “Working full-time for everyone,” Jarrett went on to discuss her long history of community service, a value instilled in her by both her parents and grandparents. Starting as a young teen with other 12- to 13-year-olds, she was involved with the Community Betterment group in Cabool, picking up rocks, planting flowers and giving out information at the newly formed visitor center.

As a school teacher, Jarrett has taught students from seventh grade through college for over 30 years, receiving two Master’s Degrees in Education along the way. She has served on several boards in leadership roles, leading workshops and writing and receiving grants for community projects. On the private business side, she has served as secretary for her husband’s hardwood flooring business, installing gymnasium floors in schools and universities, and is well versed in payroll and business practices. She has also served as FEMA representative in her role as Burdine Township clerk, “getting all our roads and bridges fixed.” Jarrett will be facing incumbent Laura Crowley in the August 7 Republican Primary.

The next speaker on the agenda was Glenn McKinney, candidate for Texas County presiding commissioner, who had this to say, “Even though I recently retired to Texas County, my ancestors came to the 
area in the 1840’s. Those ancestors served in public offices and in the military, from the office of Sheriff to Postmaster. In the Army, my job specialty was Military Policeman. Following my active service, I joined the Washington
State National Guard and stayed there until my retirement 20 years later, serving in roles including Intelligence, Security,
Logistics, and Public Affairs. I then worked for the King County Sheriff’s office for 25 years with duties that included Haz Mat, crash recovery, and natural disasters.

“The reason I’m running for office of presiding commissioner is I have been directed by the Holy Spirit to be involved more in our county, to bring my decades of experience I’ve gained to the table to help guide Texas County in a positive direction. I ask for people to pray for guidance to vote for the best candidate. I would like to stress that I am not a politician, also I would like to refer everyone to 1st Kings chapter 13: verses 11-35. My vision for the presiding commissioner is to be available to the citizens of the county, meaning having meeting schedules that will allow and encourage the people of the county to 
be involved and participate in their government. I want to stress that my availability includes involvement in township and fire district meetings, interaction between cities, towns, and villages. Also I will work to improve the coordination of resources from FEMA, including USFS, USDA, TC Emergency Management and other entities in the county.”

McKinney will be facing Republican opponents Bill Villapiano and Scott Long on the August 7 ballot.

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