Ryan Reddy arrested on assault charges

The Licking News received a Probable Cause Statement from Texas County Prosecuting Attorney Parke Stevens Jr. regarding the arrest of Ryan Reddy, 33, of Licking.

According to the Probable Cause Statement issued by the Texas County Sheriff’s Office, at approximately 1:23 a.m., Sunday, August 20, the victim stated her boyfriend, Ryan Reddy, came into the bathroom while she was in the shower and started yelling at her. The victim stated she asked him to get out and he refused. She then left the shower and Reddy shoved her back in, causing her to hit her armpit on the shower faucet. The victim then reported getting up and pushing Reddy and believed she had scratched him on the neck. She stated Reddy grabbed her by the throat with one arm, but she was able to use her arms and get free. Reddy then left the bathroom and the victim got dressed.

Once the victim went into the living room she said that she discovered her purse and keys were missing. She asked Reddy where they were and he reportedly grabbed an axe off the porch and threatened to smash her vehicle with it. Reddy then put down the axe and went back inside. The victim then called 911. Reddy then took his two children to the next-door neighbor’s house. The victim went back inside and Reddy left.

The responding deputy made contact with the neighbor who said he had contacted Reddy and advised him he needed to come back to the residence. A search by deputies found Reddy hiding under a vehicle next door.

Reddy was asked to tell the deputies what had happened. He stated that his girlfriend went crazy and attacked him. He showed the deputies a small scratch on his neck. When confronted about the missing purse and keys Reddy stated he had not touched them. Reddy requested that they look up a report regarding what happened between them two weeks ago.

Deputies asked Reddy why he continued to hide after he knew law enforcement were on the scene and looking for him. He stated he was hiding because he was scared.

A warrant was issued August 21 and was served the next day. Bond was set at $200,000.00. On August 25 formal arraignment was waived. All parties were there and Reddy pled not guilty. A motion was made for bond reduction, which was granted and dropped to $10,000.00 cash or surety. Preliminary hearing is set for September 8, 2017.


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