Update on the Stallcup Triplets

When we last visited with the Stallcup Triplets, they were just settling into their home in Raymondville. On September 22, they turned nine months old, and although they are triplets, definitely have their own personalities!

Super healthy and thriving, Russell weighed in at 22lbs, Ellie 21lbs 2oz, and Weldon 19lbs 13 oz. as of their last doctor appointment.

Mom Teresa reports that Russell has turned into quite the attention seeker and his eyes just sparkle with ornery thoughts. Ellie has become the most laid back and is always content and happy. And Weldon is still such a ham and LOVES attention.

We congratulate Corey and Teresa Stallcup on being chosen as parents of this precious gift, and look forward to watching them as they grow up.

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