Licking City Council Report – May 18th 2017

On May 9, the Board of Aldermen conducted their monthly meeting.  The meeting was called to order at 6:00 p.m. with the following officers present:  Mayor Keith Cantrell, Alderman Danny Wade, Alderman Larry Miller, Alderman Mike Aiken and Alderman Greg Green.

Those also present were City Attorney Conway Hawn, City Administrator/Clerk Renee Keaton, Police Chief Scott Lindsey, Wastewater Operator Rodney Sullins, Officer Tony Hughes, Pool Manager Sierra Hagler, Mike Ulmer, and Gary Huff, Houston House.

The board reviewed and approved the April minutes, expenditures, court review, and tentative May expenditures.

Department Head Reports:

Chief Lindsey said the police department has been extremely busy with investigations on stealing and drugs.  They have also been working several fight and peace disturbances.  Corporal Burton was the officer of the month for April and took down two meth labs.  The new patrol car has been ordered.

Wastewater Operator Sullins said that the treatment plant is running good and during the heavy rain the treatment plant handled the water. There were several million gallons of water that ran through the plant.

City Administrator/Clerk Keaton said all is going well at City Hall.

Pool Manager Sierra Hagler was here to inform the Board of concerns she has for the pool price increase and from concerns she’s heard from citizens.  She stated the pool was put in place to give kids something to do and to be an asset to the community.  She’s afraid the pool will take a hit from the price increase.  Licking is currently the most expensive aquatic center as Salem is $3.00, Rolla is $4.50 and St. James is $3.00.

The board unanimously voted to change the pool rates to the following.  Daily admission for 3 and up is $4.00, Seniors Age 62+ $3.00, Groups of 20+ is $3.50, individual season pass $65.00 and a family season pass is $140.

The board voted to accept the bid from the Licking Roofing Company in the amount of $8500.00 to replace the roof on City Hall.  Aye:  Mike Aiken, Danny Wade, Greg Green.  Abstained: Larry Miller.

The board unanimously voted to proceed with the placement of street lights at Highway 63 and North Main Street and allow Kelly Construction to bore under Highway 63 for a cost of $3,630.00 to complete the project.

The board reviewed the delinquent tax list and asked that Attorney Conway Hawn send out letters for collection.

Other Business:

City Administrator/Clerk Keaton stated she had been contacted by Sharon Gulick with the Missouri Economic Development office about whether the city was ready to proceed to the next steps on the study.  Keaton asked the board what their preference was on continuing and they agreed to not move forward.

The board unanimously voted to allow Municode to update the city’s code book in the amount of $3,865.00.

The board unanimously voted to accept Chief Lindsey’s recommendation to remove Officer Tony Hughes from probation and move him to a full time officer.

There being no further business the board unanimously voted that this meeting be adjourned.

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