Rascalz opens its doors to area youth

Among the popular features to enjoy, the XBOX room was nestled in the corner of the upstairs area. These teens enjoyed a fiercely competitive round of Guitar Hero.

By Melissa Gilmour
Staff Writer

County Commissioner John Casey attended the open house with his grandson. The two played pool and enjoyed the time together in a fun, and safe environment.

The vision of Mike Brannan finally came to fruition as Rascalz opened its doors to the public for the first time Friday June 9 and Saturday June 10. After many months of remodeling, the center was ready for teens to come and enjoy.  The open house allowed visitors and curious teens a sneek peak into the teen center. Over 130 teens and adults came to the open house with approximately 82 teens signing up for their free membership. “We’re really encourage by the turnout,” said owner Mike Brannan “The kids seemed to have a great time.” The activities kept kids busy and active with the air hockey and pool tables among their favorites.

Rascalz is working to make this community center available to everyone by adding events like line dancing, square dancing, and family night to the schedule.  “We’d like to see this place open six days a week” said Brannan. Rascalz is looking to make the building open and available to adults in July. “We’re getting feedback from people about what they would like to do, and are trying to work that in on a day that is best for everyone.”

Brannan invited local law enforcement to also come and tour the building.  In the case that there is an emergency, law enforcement and first responders will be better equipped to respond by knowing the layout of the building. Brannan has also invited local first responders to use the build for training or exercises.  “We really want this to be a community building for everyone,” Said Brannan.

Anyone who attended the open house was given a life-time membership to the facility. Rascalz will officially open on June 16 as a teen club on Friday and Saturday night for ages 12-18 only. Unauthorized adults will not be allowed in the building as a protection measure.

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