Texas County Commissioners Meeting – May 18th 2017

Submitted by Laura Crowley, County Clerk

New Business discussed included Millstone Road becoming a city road to maintain rather than part Township for maintenance. Don Gaston, from Piney Township and Chris Rutledge with MoDOT were on hand for the discussion. Rutledge will seek clarification from MoDOT in regards to the bridge maintenance.

The Commission reviewed the April 2017 Monthly Report, the Distribution of Texas County Road and Bridge Monies report, as well as the Periodic Report for the Justice Center Project. The Circuit Clerk’s Report from Pulaski County for a Change of Venue for the State of Missouri vs. Karen Hall Jury Trial was reviewed and the Commission approved payment for three receipts totaling $534.17.

The April 2017 expense report for the Justice Center/County Jail Revenue and Expense Report totaling $109,501.36 was reviewed. The County Commission also reviewed the April 2017 Cash Analysis Report from budget planned for 2017.

Dan Cavender was on hand for discussion regarding a possible separate policy for law enforcement liability. Discussed loss issues of the past, and new systems regarding auto additions.

The Commissioners reviewed the Revocation Notice of Miller’s Garage.

The County Commission reviewed and approved the Commission Orders for the Assessor’s Office totaling $206,880.00 in difference of Personal Property Back Tax, done on May 1, 2017, the Commission order change of totals of $1,120.00 for the Kabul Nursing Home – reduced because assessment listed originally as a residence rather than a business. They heard from Debbie James, Assessor, regarding Reimbursement Funds from the State Tax Commission based on quarterly reimbursements.

Commissioners reviewed the Hourly Holds for Board of Prisoners for April 2017 and monthly reports from the Jail Commissary. They heard from Tammy Cantrell, Collector/Treasurer, regarding her monthly Paid Tax Register reflecting that she has collected an additional $408.73 from the previous debts owed for back tax.

Wes Murray, CEO Texas County Memorial Hospital, discussed results of the audit recently given for TCMH. They also discussed the recent storms and the availability of the hospital’s Safe Room for assisting those who have need of a safe place during bad weather or emergencies. Murray assured the Commissioners the room is open to the public in those times. He also offered the use of the hospital’s portable generator should the need arise during those situations.

There was no closed session and the meeting was adjourned.

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