FFA – Food for America

Submitted by Van Kirkwood

On November 16th, the Licking FFA held a Food for America program for the Licking 4th and 5th grade.  The Food for America program gives FFA students an opportunity to teach younger students about where their food comes from and how they can utilize it effectively. It is also a big opportunity for the students to come out of their comfort zones and speak in front of a larger group of people! This year we talked to 4th & 5th graders about yeast, what it does, and how to make their own homemade bread. Each group was super excited and were great groups of kids to have as an audience! We appreciate the school allowing the FFA do to this, and next year we will be back with more and different things to teach.

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Andrea Dukeman
Andrea is a Staff Writer at The Licking News.

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