Museum Muses

Mrs. Coffey's fourth grade class visited the Texas County Museum of Art and History on Tuesday, May 9.

By Ellen Reynolds

Twenty-eight 4th graders, along with their teacher, Andrea Coffey and aide Kathy Williams, visited the Texas County Museum of Art and History recently. The students were enthusiastic about school soon being out but well behaved and still on task.

Each student filled out a survey of their favorite art pieces in several categories.

The answers were tallied with the following results.

The favorite vintage photograph shows a girl with her white dog titled Good Morning. Students liked best a painting on a deer hide named Chief Red Cloud with a life-sized portrait of Emmett Kelly coming in a close second. The large statue by Remington titled Stampede and the matador outfit were favorites. A small jade snake from Costa Rica was noted as was Child Riding a Water Buffalo, a carved teakwood piece from China. Students liked the large white Holy Bible from the Licking Rebekah Lodge and a pair of colorful cloisonné vases displayed in the window. The portrait of Chief Red Feather on a collector’s plate and a carved flint skinning knife rounded out the favorites.

Each of these favorites were the results from 10 questions asked of the students. Then the surveys were looked at again to find the students whose opinions matched most closely to the favorite list. Landon Schaper and Ashlee Umfleet had the most matches. This was all just for fun because we had assured students that all opinions were valid.

You are invited to visit the museum any Monday and Tuesday between 11 and 5 to see if you agree with the 4th graders choices.

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