National FFA Week-FFA Officers for Licking MO

President: Sean Loughridge

I have served as FFA President of the Licking chapter my Junior and Senior year of high school. As President, I oversee all activities of the FFA chapter, delegate responsibility and assist other officers as needed. I meet with Mr. Kirkwood, FFA Advisor regularly and I am responsible for conducting meetings and our annual banquet. Helping the secretary prepare agenda topics for meeting and making sure all paper work is complete for all activities in a timely manner are a couple other responsibilities of FFA President. I am happy to have had the opportunity to host Barnwarming the past three years and also a hayride this last Fall.

Treasurer: Evan Mitchell

As of May 9th, I was sworn in to office as treasurer. Ever since then, my assistant and I have overseen the financial standings of our chapter. It is our job to keep the president informed about what our standings are at all times. We both have very important jobs that we take very seriously. Our job duties include; Receiving money and recording in our records, making sure that people who have gotten items pay for those items. Having a report at every meeting so that every member knows where we stand financially. And many more. I think that being treasurer has helped myself in being money smart and financially stable. I think that if someone has the opportunity to be one that they should jump on it because you learn a lot from mistakes that we make because we aren’t perfect. Evan is also very active in the FFA chapter participating in trapshooting and other events.

Assistant Treasurer: Quinton Trout

Quinton Trout is the Licking FFA Chapter’s Assistant Treasurer. Quinton and Treasurer Evan Mitchell work together to keep track of how much is in the chapter’s funds. The reason for having a Treasurer and an Assistant Treasurer is because being Treasurer is a large job that can be accomplished by a single person, but is an easier task with two people dividing the job in half. Quinton is the past historian from last academic year he served the chapter by assisting the reporter in taking pictures at events for the chapter scrapbook, Quinton also started an inventory on plaques, trophies, and accomplishments. Quinton serves the chapter now by helping with the treasurer’s book. Quinton helped when our annual fruit sale fundraiser came around. Quinton would count money and hand out receipts every morning before school to those who had money to hand in.

Secretary: Savannah Culley

Savannah Culley is the 2017 – 2018 Licking FFA secretary. She has been in FFA since her freshman year in August of 2015. She has participated in many activities our chapter has attended or hosted, such as the horse show, draft horse pull, barnwarming (which is our own “special” kind of dance), and the Christmas parade. She has also participated in many FFA livestock contest in the springtime. She has gone from local contests, such as Houston during spring break to getting up at 4:30 in the morning to go a statewide contest such as those held in Crowder or Linn. As our secretary, she takes down notes; which we call minutes, from our meeting, and makes sure we have all our members together before we leave for anywhere, like contests or fieldtrips. She also ensures our agenda is on topic of what we need to talk about for the month.

Reporter: Kaitlyn Osman

Kaitlyn is the Licking FFA Chapter Reporter for the 2017-2018 school year. In past years, she was the Licking FFA Secretary and Assistant Secretary. Her job as a Reporter this year is to keep updated with the media and allow others in the community to keep informed with what her FFA chapter is doing in the coming days or weeks. As a Reporter, Kaitlyn, takes pictures of her chapter, stays in touch with her local newspaper office, writes articles on every event, and helps to update the FFA page for the school website. Kaitlyn really enjoys being a huge part of the Licking FFA Chapter, since her freshman year she has really came out of her comfort zone. The best part of being an FFA member is although, we get up early some mornings to compete or stay out late at certain events, you are always meeting new people and becoming friends with many people that you would have never had the chance to meet before. FFA is a big part of her life, and she encourages everyone to give it a shot.

Assistant Reporter: Allie Steiner-Gale

In the words of Allie Steiner-Gale, “being an assistant reporter is a great opportunity to learn what it is like to be a reporter but that she also always has her actual reporter, Kaitlyn Osman to learn from.” She enjoys taking pictures of the events that the FFA does and writing about them. She helps the reporter keep the public notified about all the FFA events by helping write articles and take pictures that can be put in their chapter scrapbook or in the local newspaper. It is a great learning experience for her to learn how to participate in parliamentary procedure at meetings. Being an assistant also allows her to prepare for the Reporter spot in coming years.

Sentinel: Cheyenne Lewis

Cheyenne’s duties are to arrange the meeting room, greet people as they come in for meetings, help the president maintain order and keeping the meeting room as comfortable as possible. Cheyenne has been the Licking FFA Sentinel since 2015. Cheyenne is a senior here at Licking and is very active in FFA, she competes in Grassland Evaluation, she competed in Creed Speaking as a freshman, and Horse Evaluation. Cheyenne competed at State for Horse Evaluation and earned a Group 1 rating and placed 17th out 187 individuals. Cheyenne’s favorite part about being in FFA is getting the chance to meet new people and competitions. Since her freshman year she has made several new friends and has gained a great amount of knowledge. Cheyenne encourages all people no matter what age to become involved in FFA.

Assistant Sentinel: Tanner Enfield

Tanner’s duty is to step up when the main sentinel is not available. He assists the president in maintaining order and keeping the meeting room comfortable. Tanner Is very active in FFA, he is part of the trapshooting team, grasslands, livestock, and dairy foods team. Last year Tanner was the highest scoring for district grasslands in the 4-H division. He made it to districts for livestock and state for trapshooting. After being interviewed Tanner said, “Being an officer for FFA is a great experience for learning leadership skills and learning better public speaking skills.” Being an FFA member is a great experience and recommends that students join FFA.

Parliamentarian: Autumn Bailey

Autumn said her job as a parliamentarian is to make sure that parliamentary procedure is carried on efficiently during our FFA meetings. She said, “the hardest part about being a parliamentarian is trying to pay attention on what the meeting is about, and making sure everyone is following parliamentary procedure correctly including herself.”

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