Press Release from Texas County Commissioners and Texas County EMD

Like many other gravel roads of the surrounding community, parts of Kimble Road were still covered by water on Sunday. And as the water recedes, road damage is more visible showing where large sections have been washed away.

We appreciate everyone’s patience. We have been working on answers for everyone and we have finally gotten few. The first is to let everyone know to please document your damage and contact your local EMD (See below) or the Texas County EMD, Keith Follin at . Please provide your name, address, phone number, a description of the damage and if possible and dollar estimate for repair. This is a trying time for everyone affected. The township’s road crews are doing the best they can, so please be patient.

Farmers and ranchers, if you had damage to fences, gates, livestock, ponds, crop damage, etc… You will need to start your claim through the USDA. Your home is reportable to FEMA. Here are some resources – and and USDA Press Release – Release No. 0035.17

For all of the home and business owners, 2 FEMA Assessment teams will be in Texas County May 18th &19th. One will be assessing roads and bridges the other will be assessing personal and business properties. This is the first step in getting the federal government to declare a disaster. We do not currently know exactly where they will want to go or what they want to see. We do know that unfinished basements, driveways and crawl spaces will most likely NOT be covered but please, document and report it just in case. Also, if you had volunteer help or are going to have volunteer help please have a list of the volunteers by name (If possible), hours worked, and the work they did. You can reconstruct the list if necessary. If you had any equipment donated to assist with you clean up, document that as well. Keep track of your costs of cleaning up. These will benefit you should a disaster be declared.

How to avoid scams. When the assessment teams come around we will all have identification cards. Feel free to ask for them. FEMA and SEMA will not ask you for money! Contractors are not “pre-paid” by FEMA, this means if a contractor comes to you out of the blue saying FEMA has paid them to fix your home or business and you just need to write them a check, it is not true. You will be involved in every step. Ask questions.

The Texas County EMD still has flood clean up kits from the Red Cross. Items include bleach, disinfectant, work gloves, rubber gloves, flashlights, tarps, rakes and shovels. Again contact Texas County EMD if you need these items. Please be advised we cannot deliver these items you will need to pick them up.

The Texas County Commissioners and EMD have been working very closely together to keep everyone up to date and getting them what assistance is available. We will provide more updates as information becomes available. If you are on Facebook please “Follow” or “Like” Texas County Office of Emergency Management for updates as well.

Local EMDs

Licking – Police Chief Scott Lindsey Ph# 573-674-2521

Cabool – Frank Chapman Ph# 417-554-1005

Houston – Larry Sutton Ph# 417-217-2161

Raymondville – Fire Chief Mike Jackson Ph# 417-331-9784

Summersville – Police Chief Kevin Jotz Ph# 417-301-8420

Texas County EMD – Keith Follin Ph# 417-967-0720


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