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Patriot Day observed

By Shari Harris, Co-Publisher
  Mrs. Meizler’s fifth grade class at Licking Elementary School reviewed the events that led to the declaration of Patriot Day on Wednesday, Sept. 11. The events of Sept. 11, 2001, eighteen years ago, and before any of the students in Meizler’s class were even born, were discussed and viewed in video. 
  Most readers remember 9-11, can tell you what happened, where they were, how they felt and what they did that day. But how many consider what has happened since that time, as a result of that day? Mrs. Meizler included in her discussion ways that 9-11 changed our world and made a new reality for these students, compared to the world in which prior generations were raised.   Patriot Day was established to “remember and honor all the innocent people who died,” one student reported. Meizler pointed out that the deaths continue even now, eighteen years later, due to the toxins inhaled by the heroes who ran toward the disaster or worked for days and weeks at gr…

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