A look into the new newspaper print facility

Photo from the CMNI Commercial Printing Facility webpage
Photos and story by Katie Anderson

Managing Editor

The Licking News took a tour of the Jefferson City New Tribune printing facility, Central Missouri Newspapers Commercial Printing Facility, July 20. This edition was the first paper printed from the new site after Salem Publishing closed down the press in Salem. See the printing process below and have an inside look at where The Licking News will be printed!
 THE PRESS: The Man Roland Press. The press was brought to the facility in 2008 and weighs in at a whopping 183.5 tons. It is sitting on a different concrete slab than the rest of the building, in case of earthquakes and other natural disasters. The press has four towers and can print 70,000 newspapers per hour, according to the CMNI Commercial Print Facility webpage.

PLATE ROOM: In the Plate Room, the plates get printed under yellow lights so that they don’t develop before making it to the press. They are then bent on the machine that you see below, before being put onto the press. Each spread, which includes two pages, can be printed in color to have four plates per spread (Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, and Black). According to the CMNI Commercial Print Facility webpage, when all towers are being run, up to 64 plates can be used.

REEL STANDS: Two rolls of paper are loaded to the reel stand using a track on the floor to guide the roll. Once loaded, paper is fed up through the ceiling to the press on the floor above. As one roll runs low, the second roll is ready to take over by simulating its speed and attaching to the first roll. This process eliminates stopping the press and cuts down on wasted paper.

INK: Here we see just how big the barrels of ink are that get pumped into the press. For comparison, is Marty Anderson, principal at SHS, who is 6’2” standing next to the Cyan, Magenta, and Yellow tanks. The Black ink tank is located in a separate room and is about the size of four of the color ink tanks.

THE PAPER: Paper is fed through the floor from the reel stands. It is then fed through the press tower where the plates have been installed. The image from the plate is then transferred to the paper. The diagram shows the cylinders on each side of the paper pressing against each other. The plate cylinders, on the outside, press against the blanket cylinder, which transfers the ink to the paper. The blanket cylinder on the other side of the paper presses against the other to print the other side of the page, as well as help feed the paper through the press. This makes printing sections much faster and more efficient. In this photo, Dale Eickhoff gives a tour to The Licking News and you can truly see how tall the paper is stacked. There were rows and rows of it in the facility.


STITCH & TRIM: For special order or inserts for the paper, there is a special machine that will combine the inserts together for the paper and other jobs.[/caption]

INSERTER: The inserts that go into papers and various other print jobs, get inserted with this machine in the mailroom before getting sent out.

The News Tribune Central Missouri Newspapers Community Printing Facility is located at 2130 Schotthill Woods Dr. in Jefferson City, Missouri, 65101. For more information on the facility, contact Dale Eickhoff at 573-761-0233 or at Dale@NewsTribune.com



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