Edgar Springs man claims $50,000 after friend won $10,000

Missouri Lottery

Ricky Arthur of Edgar Springs visited Missouri Lottery headquarters so a friend could claim a $10,000 prize. As he sat in the car while his friend went in, he thought how fun it would be to claim a prize like that, too. On July 13, he took another trip to Lottery headquarters. This time he was the one claiming a $50,000 prize.

“It was in another town in Houston where I got gas. I decided to get it there because it was a dime cheaper,” recalled Arthur about the day he purchased a “$300 Million Cash Explosion” Scratchers ticket. “I buy tickets sometimes. I can’t believe it is true.”

He drove 30 miles back home before scratching the ticket. At first, he thought he had won $50, so he finished playing the entire ticket. When he looked back, he saw the comma and scratched it a bit more, revealing the $50,000 prize.

“It was overwhelming. God is so awesome!” said Arthur. “I told my daughter, and she told me, ‘Dad, you deserve it.’”

Arthur says he is “pretty practical” and has worked his entire life. He is retired now and plans to pay off his house and become debt free. But he also has one more plan in store.

“I want to give the lady who sold it to me some money. I like doing things for people without being in the spotlight,” he said.

Arthur purchased the winning Scratchers ticket at Casey’s General Store, 1029 S. Highway 63, in Houston.

The “$300 Million Cash Explosion®” game is a $30 Scratchers ticket that began sales on April 30. It is the second $30 Scratchers game from the Missouri Lottery, and it offers $300 million in prizes, including two more top prizes of $10 million.

Players can enter both of the Missouri Lottery’s $30 Scratchers tickets, – “$300 Million Cash Explosion®” and “$300,000,000 Golden Ticket,” – into their My Lottery Players Club account for a chance to win up to $1 million in second-chance drawings. Tickets can be submitted through the Missouri Lottery app or at MOLottery.com.



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