Smith kicks off 30-county agriculture swing in Summersville

Congressman Jason Smith (MO-08) met with local farmers, elected officials, and agricultural leaders at the KC Dairy and Beef Farm July 20. It was his first stop in a 30-county swing to discuss the unique challenges facing farmers and ranchers all across southern Missouri.

“I meet regularly with the White House and I am always encouraged by President Trump’s sincere interest and concern for Missouri’s farmers,” said Congressman Smith. “I’m grateful to all of the Missourians who will be opening their homes and their barns to me over the next few weeks and sharing what makes their farms special. Missouri’s farmers feed and clothe the world, and hearing their stories gives me more ammunition in the fight in Washington to protect our rural way of life.”

State Representative Robert Ross, local officials, and agriculture industry professionals joined Congressman Smith to discuss how the 2018 Farm Bill will affect Missouri farmers and the unique challenges within the dairy industry. Congressman Smith said one of his main priorities is repealing burdensome Washington regulations negatively impacting farmers.

“I see it every day when I’m in DC. Unelected rule-makers think they know better than we do how to take care of the land in our backyard. The government should be making it easier for them to work their land, not harder,” said Smith.

Missouri Dairy Association President Ted Sheppard stated there are fewer than 30 dairy farms remaining in Texas County. Dairy farmers are receiving the same price for their milk as 40 years ago, according to Sheppard.

“I’m working directly with the Trump Administration to ensure our farmers get a level playing field on the world stage,” said Smith. “They deserve a fair price for their hard work.”



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