Licking License Office will be closing at the end of August

By Scott Hamilton


The current owners of the Licking License Office have decided to close the office prior to the end of their contract.  The last day of operation for the office will be August 29th.  This has raised a lot of concern in Licking and the surrounding area.   The following are some quotes from the License Office Facebook page.

Randy Hall says, “We lost ours in Cabool several years ago. People say there is not enough money in it.”

Sidney Johnston says, “Licking needs their DMV! Not everyone can make it to Houston or Salem!”

Darlin Blue says, “Hope they are meaning just for a bit and not permanently!”

Melissa Ceplina says, “Why are you closing? Is the state closing it or by your choice? Just curious as it is a necessity for people!”  The Licking News asked the same question at the Licking License Office and was told that they were not allowed to comment on it, only the state could give out that information.  The Department of Revenue informed us that it was a rushed decision by the owners of the office to close.  The Department of Revenue is working hard to put out a new bid and reopen the offices.

Unless the state receives no bids to reopen, the office will not be closing permanently. The closure of the Licking License Office would create a major impact, not only to the local community but also at the state level.  The Department of Revenue asked that we let interested parties know a request for bids would be available soon at  They hope to have a new contract in place within a couple of months.



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