Licking News under new ownership

Photo by Ange Hamilton -- Shari Harris and Scott Hamilton, new co-publishers of The Licking News.
“A community needs news, for the same reason that a man needs eyes. It has to see where it is going.”   ~ Dame Rebecca West – British Author

The Licking News, continuously published since 1896, has new owners. Purchasing the Licking News are co-publishers Shari Harris and Scott Hamilton, both of Edgar Springs. Katie Anderson will continue as Managing Editor. Regarding the decision to sell the paper, Lasater stated “I absolutely love the Licking News, and this was not an easy decision. I’m pleased that local residents will continue as owners of the paper, and there are also several exciting changes in the newspaper format. As always, we highly value our citizen journalists, and I’ve always emphasized that the primary mission of the Licking News is to document the written history of our town.”

Shari Harris started reading The Licking News while growing up near Edgar Springs. She developed stronger ties with Licking when she attended high school here, graduating in 1985. In 1990, she earned a BHS-PT at the University of Missouri-Columbia, and has worked as a physical therapist since then. Twenty-two years ago, she returned to the Edgar Springs area and has never regretted “coming home” to her family and the beauty of south-central Missouri.

Scott Hamilton comes from a background in High Performance Computing and Network Security. He holds a degree in Electrical Engineering with a Minor in English Literature. He is passionate about small town American history and fell in love with the idea of owning The Licking News as soon as he heard about the archives going back to 1896. He is passionate about seeing the community grow and is looking forward to contributing to the community. He cannot wait add to the history archives by reporting on the recent events in Licking and surrounding areas. He invites you to drop by the news office at 115 S. Main Street in Licking anytime and let him know what is happening around you.

The best part of publishing The Licking News is, and has always been, the wonderful people of Licking.



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