Texas County Fair Results

Photo by Christy Porter -- Begins the Home Economics/Horticulture/Flowers displays. The orange labels are youth entries. The blue labels are adult entries.

Results from the youth home economics/horticulture at the Texas County Fair from July 20, 2018 are:

  • Lilly Hines: Be You Tiful-Blue, Fire Fighter-Blue, Snake Picture-Red, Cow Book-Blue, Goat Book-Blue, Pig Book-Blue, Drawing Book-Blue, Goat Pictures-Red, Bunny Picture-Blue.

  • Megan Loughridge: Photo (Rainbow and Sunflower)-Red.

  • Braden Christeson: Pac-Man Cake-Blue, Fudge Brownies-Blue, Sea salt Caramels-Blue, Sugar Scrub-Blue, Coffee Soap-Blue.

  • Nautica Durick: Textiles: Place Mats and Napkins-Blue, Woodworking: Outdoor Article-Red, Herbs Sage-Red, Home Furnishings: Art Design Misc.-Blue.

  • Samantha Hall: Painting: Black w/Yellow Background-Blue, Painting: w/Teal Dress-Red, Painting: Green w/Pink Polka Dots-Blue.

  • Emery Christeson: Zucchini Bread-blue, Zucchini Macadamia Nut-Blue, Zucchini Chocolate Chip-Blue, Bunny Cake-Blue, Soap Pumpkin Spice-Blue, Sugar Scrub-Blue.

  • Jonathan Hagler: Bullet Art (Breast Cancer)-Blue, Photo: Swirling Orange Sky-Blue, Photo: Light on Cow Field-Blue, Photo: Alley Mill-Blue.

  • Adam Hagler: Plaster of Paris Horse-Red, Knock Out Roses-Blue, Sunflower Arrangement-Blue, Bullet Art (Deer)-Red, Photo: Cow and Calf-Blue, Model: Licking Assembly of God Church-Blue.

  • Kit Benne: Bird House-Blue.

  • Justin Jones: Shadow Box-Blue, Turtle Picture-Red, Rainbow Farm-Blue, Snowy Mountain-Red, Ocean Galaxy-Blue.

  • Sara Jones: Galaxy-Blue, Jeff the Ostrich-Blue, Kawaii Potato (Art Design Drawing)-Blue.

  • Lena Skaggs: Pencil Portrait-Blue, Pencil Drawing-Red, Water Color-Red, Water Color/Pencil Landscape-Red, Landscape Acrylic-White, Pencil Portrait-Blue, Acrylic/Water Color/Pencil-Red, Colored Pencil-Red, Sculpting Clay Sculpture-White.

  • Rachel Hagler: Bullet Art (Heart)-Blue, Sunflower Arrangement-Blue.

  • Tabitha Wuertley: International Wind Chimes-Blue, Biggest Potatoes (Any Vegetable)-Blue, Plate of Slicing Cucumbers-Blue, Plate of Tomatoes-Blue, one-fourth Bushel Basket-Blue.

  • Lacey Wuertley: Rustic Flower Bed-Blue, Biggest Bell Pepper-Blue, Biggest Tomato-Blue, Best Collection of Vegetables-Blue, Best Plate of Three Sweet Green Peppers-Blue.

  • Brett Wuertley: Beet Pickles-Blue, Best Plate of Three Red Beets-Blue, Biggest Beet-Blue, Best Plate of Three Red Potatoes-Red.

  • Kimberly Bradshaw: Dill Pickles-Blue, Banana Bread-Blue, Zucchini Bread-Blue, One Dozen Brown Eggs-Blue, Plate of Zucchini-Blue, Biggest Zucchini-Blue.

  • Stone Jackson: Pickling Cucumbers-Red, Other Beans-Blue, Pole Beans-Blue, Blackberries-Blue, Yellow Onions-Blue, White Onion-Blue, Biggest Bean (Other Vegetable)-Blue, Best Place of Gourds-Blue.

  • Alyssa Hayes: Bush Green Beans-Blue, Burpless Cucumbers-Blue, Sweet Banana Peppers-Blue, Jalapeno Peppers-Blue, yellow Summer Crookneck Squash-Blue, Red Tomatoes-Blue, Cherry Tomatoes-Blue.

  • Cassandra Hines: Feeder Steer Book-Blue, Goat Book-Blue, Pig Book-Blue, Chicken Book-Blue, Rabbit Book-Blue, Be You Tiful Sign-Blue, Faith Sign-Red, Faith Fun Sign-Red, Popsicle Car-Blue, Water Bottle Car-Blue, The World-Red, Center Piece-Red, Zucchini-Blue, Squash-Blue, Tomatoes-Blue, Okra-Blue, Cucumbers-Red.

  • Makysha Spencer: Dusty Miller-Red, Spider Plant-Blue, String Art Craft-Blue, Floral Arrangement in Milk Glass-Blue, Wreath w/Letter T-Blue.



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