Licking C of C Mule Show

By Shari Harris


The Licking Chamber of Commerce Mule Show was held Saturday at the Licking Rodeo Grounds. Contestants brought nearly 30 mules to compete in 22 classes in the event. The evening started with a salute to our military. Then the fun and games began.

Competitors were able to showcase their mules in terms of appearance, speed, agility and personality, the latter of which had a major impact in the timed events on the speeds posted. Mark Duncan’s mule, Hobo, demonstrated this when he insisted he was not supposed to enter into the “keyhole” drawn in the dirt, and required much persuasion before stepping inside. Benjamin Croft displayed his own agility in Thru the Barrel, crawling through a barrel on the ground for a winning time.

Photo by Shari Harris -- Allie Daniels and Cowgirl compete
 in the Mule Show Saturday.
 There were classes for all ages, with some of the younger contestants competing in Leadline, Youth Western Pleasure, Youth Poles, Stick Horse, and Youth Barrels. This did not prevent them from going up against the adults in some of the other classes.

Laci Livengood, Brandon Gale, and Jake Dawson gave the audience several “aah” moments with their performances in multiple youth classes. Livengood allowed her mother to join her, and “Grandpa” Steve Dawson gave Jake a few pointers along the way.

Winners for each event will be posted on our website at However, there were no losers Saturday. The competitors enjoyed an evening with their mules, their family and their friends, and the spectators enjoyed seeing the show. The mules were unavailable for comment but appeared to enjoy themselves as well.
Photo by Megan Loughridge -- Benjamin Croft takes Cole Basham for a ride in the Back-to-Back Class.



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