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Wyatt Wilson earns Gold Ticket to USA New Years Baseball Classic

Photo by Shari Harris -- Wyatt Wilson is supported by his parents, Ami and Dustin Wilson, and his sister, Annika Wilson.

By Shari Harris


When Wyatt Wilson’s AA Little League team, the Diamond Dawgs, played in a tournament in Branson this summer, neither he nor his teammates realized what would come next. As a result of their play during that tournament, five members of the Diamond Dawgs were chosen for the All Star Games at Ballparks of America in Branson the third weekend of August.

Wyatt Wilson, Blake Henry, Carter Kinkead, Brett Montgomery, and Logan Shivers spent the weekend competing in skills competitions and playing two games each day on Saturday, Aug. 18, and Sunday, Aug. 19. Gameday USA staff judged their performance and their sportmanship in the games, and in events like the homerun derby, throwing competitions, and running competitions. Wyatt Wilson, age 12, of Edgar Springs, was one of 24 (out of 3,000 all-stars) awarded the Gold Ticket for the Gameday USA New Years Baseball Classic, Dec. 27 – Jan. 1, at Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida.

Wyatt plays multiple positions, pitching or third base primarily, but also catches and plays first base, center field, and shortstop. He also can hit, and he placed second in his age division in the home run derby in Branson. In the 2018 summer season, he pitched 54 innings with an average of 18.6 pitches per inning and 3.727 pitches per batter faced. He achieved 24 lead off batter outs, 15 second batter outs, and 7 one-two-three innings. He hit one home run and had 58 RBI’s. He scored 47 runs and had a .540 batting average.

This seventh grader at Phelps County R-III School is excited about the trip. “It’s going to be fun to meet new people and play in a different state. I’ll get to meet Bryce Harper, #34 for the Nationals, and John Carlos Stanton, #24 for the Houston Astros.” He went on to add, “I thank all my coaches for helping me: Charles Shivers, Terry Montgomery, Kirk Buhr, Bryan Litz, batting coach Wyatt Porter, and Missouri S & T pitching coach Cody Gardner.”

Wilson is the son of Dustin and Ami Wilson of Edgar Springs. They feel this is a “once-in-a-lifetime” chance for their son, and are determined to get him to Florida for this event. There is a mandatory $500 registration fee and $1500 lodging expense that they are raising money to cover. Travel expenses to and from Florida are also not covered in the award. Anyone wishing to contribute to the future of this rising star can reach Ami Wilson at 14353 County Road 6040, Edgar Springs, MO 65462, or 573-201-7565.


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