A Display of Local Talent

Photo by Christy Porter -- The beautiful 2018 Quilt Exhibit display begins at the door.
By Christy Porter

Managing Editor

The 2018 Quilt Exhibit presented by the Current River Scrappers Quilt Guild is currently being held now through Oct. 13. The Ozark Natural and Cultural Resource Center is displaying a timely reminder of the season.

While quilts are completely appropriate year round, the coming of winter reminds one of the warmth of a quilt.

Photo by Christy Porter -- “Absorbing” the quilts were visitors (from left) Brenda Vandivort and Donna Hamby.
The crafted quilts presented by the quilt guild include textiles ranging from leather to silk, mostly cotton. They are hand pieced, machine pieced, appliqued and embroidered. The pieces are assembled with hand quilting, machine quilting, tacking as well as some rag quilts.

Approximately 120 creations include all eras from vintage, circa 1930’s to recently finished. They range in style from the very traditional, modern, fun, and themed, including patriotic and military. All sizes are represented including wall hangings to king size.

Guilds, individuals and the sheltered workshop have shared exquisite work that consist of not only quilts but also a selvage jacket and bags of all sizes and for various uses. Their work also encompasses home and utilitarian items such as potholders, aprons, table runners and placemats.

This exhibit includes interesting displays of textile fabrication necessities such as scissors and pincushions from many time periods.

The Ozark Natural and Cultural Resource Center is located at 202 S. Main Street in Salem. Hours are Mon. – Fri. 10 a.m. – 5 p.m. and admission is free.



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