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Donations presented to local organizations

Photo by Christy Porter -- Myrna VanDeusen presents Donnetta James, director of the Licking United Community Help Center, with a donation.
By Christy Porter

Managing Editor

On behalf of the Intercounty Charitable and Educational Foundation, Myrna VanDeusen presented $1500 donations to each of three local organizations Fri. Oct. 12.

The Licking United Community Help Center was a benefactor, with the funds being earmarked for Christmas baskets and Food for the Needy. Donnetta James was grateful for the assistance.

Photo by Christy Porter -- Myrna VanDeusen presents Ellen Reynolds, curator of the Texas County Museum of Art and History, with a donation.
Ellen Reynolds was excited about receiving the donation on behalf of the Texas County Museum of Art and History. Overhead lighting will be added in a second room of the museum.
Photo by Christy Porter -- Myrna VanDeusen presents Kassi Ramsey, organizer for Gma Pam Rack Pack, with a donation.
"Thank you, this puts us over $16,000, for our fund for local cancer patients aid for travel expenses,” said Kassi Ramsey. Ramsey accepted the donation on behalf of Gma Pam Rack Pack.

The funds are raised via IECA Operation Round Up program. Should a person choose to participate, their electric bill is “rounded up” to the next whole dollar. The rounded up amount, be it one cent to 99 cents, goes directly to the Operation Round Up fund. Small amounts add up to benefit needy persons in the community and bolster community services. Ten counties have the opportunity to participate in the program.

According to Myrna VanDeusen, applicants in need may apply once per year, and then each application is researched. The Foundation board meets once a month, reviews applicants, offers recommendations, and then decisions are made with a board vote.

“I really enjoy serving on this board; it’s great when you can help people in need and organizations that help the entire community,” says VanDeusen.


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