Forty-two years of bugs

Photo by Shari Harris -- Kasey Richards submitted this well-organized collection.
By Shari Harris


The science building at Licking High School has underwent its annual infestation of bugs. General biology students have spent their late summers and early falls collecting bugs of every size, shape and sort since 1976, according to Dr. Daniel Hatch. This year, 21 students in his class, and many more in instructor Heather Hawn’s classes, spent their evenings and weekends collecting, identifying, and pinning bugs into place for their collections. The students receive a grade for their hard work, and the admiration of their classmates for those who collected an unusual specimen.

Add captionPhoto by Shari Harris --
The room is lined with displays showing the students’ hard work.
 The collections can be a family project, with neighbors, business owners, and friends passing on their finds to students. A family member or neighbor with woodworking skills is also often involved to build a display case. These projects take weeks to complete, and are a common memory for LHS alumni for more than forty years.

This year, the displays filled the room in the science building for parents to appreciate when attending the open house Monday and Tuesday night during parent-teacher conferences.



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