Ice Cream with the Mayor

Photo by Christy Porter -- Mayor Keith Cantrell and Taylor Duncan enjoying Dunky’s Ice Cream & Diner orange Dreamsicle ice cream while discussing the City of Licking.
By Christy Porter

Managing Editor

August 15 Taylor Duncan posted a Facebook request, stating that she would like to eat ice cream with every mayor in the state of Missouri. September 28, Taylor came and had Dreamsicle ice cream with Licking Mayor Keith Cantrell.

Taylor at five years old took on a state-size homeschool project in her quest to learn about the state of Missouri. What better way to learn about Missouri’s cities than to do it while having ice cream with the mayor? According to her mother Therese Duncan she had visited with 111 mayors to date with approximately 790 to go. “It’s fun and I’m learning too,” says Therese.

Taylor, her mother, little sister Emma and baby brother Carter are scheduling the city visits by county and sometimes visit several cities in a day. They travel from their home in Waynesville where the children’s father serves in the military.

Warmly greeted by Cantrell and the staff at City Hall, Taylor sat in the mayor’s chair and questioned Cantrell. What is the mayor’s favorite thing about Licking? “Everyone is really friendly to you,” answered Cantrell. The questions and answers continued throughout the visit.

Said Cantrell, “This is definitely the most unique request I’ve had as mayor.”

After she and Emma received a Licking t-shirt, Taylor and Mayor Cantrell followed by the family walked down Main Street to enjoy ice cream at Dunky’s Old Fashioned Ice Cream and Diner. Marilyn Cantrell greeted Taylor with a gift bag of items related to Licking. This provided an opportunity for more questions and discussion including some Licking history, including how Licking got its name. Do you know?

Photo by Christy Porter -- A short walk for Mayor Keith Cantrell and Taylor Duncan to My Little Cupcake to eat, decorate and eat delicious cupcakes.
It was a short walk down the other side of Main Street and then a left to arrive at My Little Cupcake. There Taylor, her family and Cantrell were greeted by Tammy Sullins and treated with their choice of a cupcake. Upon finishing their cupcakes, they got to decorate a cupcake. From there the family had a few more cities to visit in Texas County that day.

Taylor’s favorite ice cream flavors? Orange sherbet and cotton candy!



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