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Holiday lights spectacular

Photo Submitted by James Knighton
Knighton’s “big tree” on the left side of photo is made up of over 13,000 lights. The Official Knighton Family Lights Christmas Car is on the right. 
 By Shari Harris,
  James Knighton likes to see faces light up with happiness, so he and his family spend countless hours making sure that happens every Christmas. The past six years, his house on the corner of Hwy. FF and Broadway in Edgar Springs has been a local attraction for those who love Christmas lights.
  Knighton, his girlfriend Mary Wisdom, his son R.J., her children, Gina, Alex, Elijah and Marcus, and Knightons’ mother Katherine all work together to decorate the house, yard, and his car. Sign Dimensions in Rolla also contributes with signs for his yard and car.
  Beginning on the day after Thanksgiving, every Friday, Saturday and Sunday evening from 6 p.m. until 10 p.m. (and until 1 or 2 a.m. on Christmas Eve,) the lights are on and the music is playing. Knighton transmits Christmas music from his garage on 89.5 FM, and the lights are electronically choreographed to flash to the music for some of the songs. Other songs play with all the lights on. The “show” is about 20 minutes in length, and runs in a loop so you can begin your show whenever you arrive. Don’t worry if you can’t tune in the music ahead of time. The FCC limits his transmitter power, but it is easy to pick up when you are in view of the lights.
  Knighton has added to his show every year. He currently has over 20,000 lights in place, with over 13,000 of those on his “big” tree, and he’s not done yet. When he was unable to find a setup to match his lights to Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer, he choreographed it himself. Some song setups he gets from other Christmas light planners such as Kaelin Decoholics in Rolla. Decoholics is one such planner in an unofficial group with whom Knighton shares ideas and songs in order to light up Christmas brighter for everyone.
  As mentioned before, Knighton also decorates his car. It will be shown in the Bunker parade on Dec. 1.  It is also visible In Edgar Springs and the surrounding area in the month before Christmas. If you take a picture of the Official Knighton Family Lights Christmas Car when you see it, then “share” it on his Facebook page, you will be entered into their holiday basket giveaway. “Liking” and/or “sharing” the post about the giveaway also enters you in the contest.
  The Knighton Family Lights Holiday Basket Giveaway includes a hot cocoa kit with two mugs, a s’mores kit, Hershey chocolates, popcorn, kettle corn, National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation blu-ray, a Clark Griswold POP keychain, a Christmas craft kit, and a flameless scented candle. The giveaway will be Sat. Dec. 22, and the winner will be posted on Facebook and contacted via Messenger.
  For more information, check out Knighton Family Lights on Facebook. Or, even better, drive by the house in Edgar Springs, across from the First Baptist Church parking lot, any Friday, Saturday or Sunday evening before Christmas (or on Christmas Eve. Let the Knighton family spectacular make your face light up with happiness.


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