JV ‘Cats vs. Waynesville

Photo by Shari Harris
#15 Kaleb Keaton gets ahead of the Tigers for this layup in the third quarter.

By Shari Harris,

The Licking High School Junior Varsity boys faced a fast-paced Waynesville team Tuesday evening. Pressure from the Tigers made it tough to move the ball at either end of the court. By the end of the first quarter, the ‘Cats were trailing 2-14. The Tigers continued to keep the ‘Cats out of their game in the second quarter, with Waynesville leading 37-6 at the half. Halftime allowed the JV ‘Cats a chance to regroup, and they scored 6 in the third quarter compared to Waynesville’s 7 points. But by the final quarter, the pace set by the Tigers had taken its toll on both teams, with only 9 total points scored. The final score was 15-50.



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