Light the Night Festival

Photo by Christy Porter -- Hickory Manor staff and residents were celebrating with games and treats.
Photo by Christy Porter -- The Hansel and Gretel storybook came to life at my My Little Cupcake.

By Shari Harris,


The Licking City Hall was standing-room-only Wed. night, as costumed participants squeezed in out of the rain to compete for prizes. The rainy, cold weather did not dampen the spirits of the attendees as they made their rounds of downtown Licking in search of treats. My Little Cupcake was decorated as the house from Hansel and Gretel and treats were handed out in costume. The staff and residents at Hickory Manor were prepared for the trick-or-treaters with games and candy. The evening did wrap up early, with most people leaving for home by 7 p.m. as the intensity of the rain increased and the temperature dropped.

Costume contest winners


1st Deer – Sierra Nickels

2nd Dinosaur – Waylon Corkell

3rd Rooster - Elijah Jackson


1st Penny wise - Ryder Evans

2nd Pirate - Paisley Kinder

3rd Cat trainer - Rylan Brastetter


1st Scary Clown - Joey Terrell

2nd Rubiks cube - Parker McNew

3rd Frankenstein - Cayden Evans

Thirteen and Up

1st Werewolf – Tristen Melton

2nd Andy – Caroline Scurlock

3rd Hank Williams - Sandy Scurlock


1st The Flintstones - Jory, Roxanne, Landon and Konrad Hock and Nick, Felicia, and Aisha Myers.

2nd A League of Their Own - Jake, Amanda, Addison, Jocie and Hinley Floyd.

3rd Pac Man - Natasha Prenger is with Ethan, Eli, Brooke, and Levi Stout.



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