Dent-Phelps R-III State-Qualifying Archery Tournament

Photo by Shari Harris
These young archers represented Licking well in the Dent-Phelps State Qualifying Tournament last week. Front row, from left: Aubrey Gorman, Lilly Cross, Logan Stines, Cole McCloy, Mason Satterfield, Addison Midkiff, Spencer Heath, and John Gyory. Back row from left: Alex Buckner, Brently Morris, Lake Wade, Cylas Black, Titus Scavone, Kannon Buckner, Jordan Ritz, Kale Cook, Jonah Henderson. Not pictured: Ryder Ingram, Emily Johnston, Cason Malone, Mya Rinne, Kalyn Tatroe and Joshua Wade.

By Shari Harris,
  On Thursday, Jan. 24th and Friday, Jan. 25th, Dent-Phelps R-III hosted their Elementary School and Middle/High School State Qualifying Archery Tournament. The host school Dent-Phelps R-III; Salem High School and Middle School; John F. Hodge High School, St. James Middle School, and Lucy Wortham James Elementary School in St. James; Northwood R-IV, and Licking R-VIII sent archers to compete and qualify for the State Tournament in Branson, March 22nd and 23rd. For students to participate, schools have to include archery as a part of their physical education curriculum. Dent-Phelps R-III was one of the first schools in the state to host a qualifying tournament, with interest in the sport growing to the point that the National Archery in the Schools Program (NASP) website lists nearly one hundred 15/30 meter or 3D tournaments in Missouri this year.
  Sixteen sixth grade and seven fifth grade archers represented Licking at the tournament. Cole McCloy led the sixth grade boys with a score of 255; Aubrey Gorman scored 192 to lead the sixth grade girls. Ryder Ingram led the fifth grade boys with a score of 176, with Kalyn Tatroe close behind with a score of 173 to lead the fifth grade girls.
  High scores for the tournament for classes fourth through twelfth grades were set by the following archers:
  Fourth grade boys – Sylis DuBois 233, Dent-Phelps R-III; girls – Rylee Dodson 187, Northwood R-IV.
  Fifth grade boys – JV Meurer 256, Lucy Wortham James Elementary; girls – Alexa Strotkamp 203, Northwood R-IV.
  Sixth grade boys – Hunter Cope 265, Dent-Phelps R-III; girls – Isabell Cranell 227, Salem Middle School.
  Seventh grade boys – Tyler Rosemann 225, Dent-Phelps R-III; girls – Kyleigh Wood 259, Salem Middle School.
  Eighth grade boys – Byron Bryant 255, Northwood R-IV; girls – Anna Howard 275, Dent-Phelps R-III.
  Ninth grade boys – Irvin Johnson 293, Salem High School; girls – Kaitlynn Stephan 276, Salem High School.
  Tenth grade boys – Bryan Heathman 269, Salem High School; girls – Carley Gamblin 261, Salem High School.
  Eleventh grade boys – Jacob Walther 273, Salem High School.
  Twelfth grade boys – Manthey Caden 287, Salem High School.
  Many talented archers competed in the tournament, and will represent our area well in Branson in March.



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