Santa visits Hickory Manor

Photo by Christy Porter
Santa stopped to visit with Norma Pasley as he gives her a gift. Carl Pasley leans in closer to hear what Santa has to say as Myles Geer looks on in anticipation of his visit.

By Christy Porter,
Managing Editor

  The residents at Hickory Manor had a very welcome visitor Friday, December 21st. Santa came for a visit and while there, he distributed Christmas gifts, much to the delight of the young at heart.
Photo by Christy Porter
Nancy Saylor, a resident at Hickory Manor, 
was happy to see Santa and accept her gift.

  Santa obviously knew the residents, as he chatted and good-humoredly reviewed the naughty and nice list. Unfortunately a couple of persons who will remain anonymous got a good-natured finger wag along with their gifts. Santa did remark, “I brought no coal!”
  Santa helpers included Kim Taylor, the activities director at Hickory Manor and Melissa Weaver, Home Administrator, along with the nursing staff and home personnel. Three Rivers Hospice was also present to aid Santa and the residents, including Jessie Taylor, who stayed with Santa until the last gift was given and opened. All were in festive holiday spirits, from helping Santa locate all residents to helping residents with opening their gifts and immediately utilizing some. Santa and his helpers even made ‘room’ calls to deliver the gifts.
  “Members of the staff help Santa ensure the gifts are personalized for each resident, as they know them well, from day to day caregiving,” says Taylor.
Photo by Christy Porter
Bill Curtis is excited about what Santa has for him this Christmas.

  According to staff personnel, many more activities are planned for the upcoming New Year. They will be well received if the smiles and laughter from the Christmas celebration are any indication.



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