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Felony harassment charge against Duncan

By Shari Harris,
  On February 13, 2019 the Texas County Sheriff’s Office began an investigation into an alleged sexual misconduct that occurred at a residence north of Licking. Information was developed during the investigation that the alleged misconduct had been captured on video and observed by juveniles. A 17-year-old male, from Licking, was taken into custody and admitted to alleged misconduct.      
  Garrett G. Duncan of Licking was charged by Assistant Prosecuting Attorney Jason Macpherson with felony harassment, first degree and misdemeanor sexual misconduct, first degree, first offense. Initial bond was set at $250,000, but was reduced on February 15, at which time he was released on his own recognizance with supervision, along with the conditions that he not make contact with the victim, victim’s family, or witnesses to this case; no social media; and no possession of devices capable of accessing the internet.
  Duncan’s arraignment will be February 26 at 9 a.m. Duncan is represented by attorney Adam Woody of Springfield.
  LHS Superintendent Cristina Irwin offered assurances that the school would take whatever steps were necessary to provide a safe environment for learning, free from distractions, for all of its students, and that the school would be working with authorities to determine what those steps would be.
  The above charges are mere accusations are not evidence of guilt. Evidence in support of the charges must be presented before a court of competent jurisdiction whose duty is to determine guilt or innocence.


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