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FFA Community Breakfast

Photo by Christy Porter
There was a steady stream of community members at the FFA Community Breakfast on Saturday. The FFA served eggs, bacon, sausage, biscuits and gravy, and pancakes. FFA member Abigale Scott stated her favorite part of the morning was, “Just helping everyone.” When asked about the secret to making good pancakes, FFA members Justin Leyburn stated, “Flip ‘em enough,” Ryan Bever advised, “Try and get out the big clumps,” and Clifford Hawn said, “Use a whisk.” Megan Loughridge reported the morning had “been pretty successful. A lot of people have turned out.” Pictured from left: Abigale Scott, Rae-Ann Gray, Cliff Hawn, Ryan Bever, Megan Loughridge and Reagan Miller.

Photo by Christy Porter
“I’m so impressed with the FFA kids, they’re taking orders, serving and are so polite,” said Chelsey Harris. From left: Zach Hendon, Annabel and Chelsey Harris with FFA member-server Sarah Warnock.

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Photos by Christy Porter
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