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Licking’s best spellers

Photo by Shari Harris
Licking’s top spellers for classes one through six, with place (grade level): front row from left: Nathan Vasquez 6th (1st grade), River Vaughan 5th (1st), Malaina Lonning 3rd (1st), Alexander Beasley 1st (2nd grade), and Avery Buckner 6th (2nd). Second row left: Andrew Rhyno 4th (1st grade), Charli Satterfield 2nd (1st), Korbin Quick 1st (1st), Colby Malone 4th (2nd grade), Jersey Hall 3rd(2nd), Keegan O’Dell 2nd (2nd), not pictured Areana Martin 5th (2nd). Third row left: Taylor Hicks 1st (4th grade), Avery Stephens 2nd (4th), Landon Green 3rd (4th), Shay Yarbor 3rd (3rd grade), Paxten Keeney 1st (3rd), and Kemberlynn Robbins 2nd (3rd). Fourth row left: Conway Adey 4th (4th grade), Diane Gooding 5th (4th), Ashley Puhrmann 6th (4th), Zoey Sellars 6th (3rd grade), Colby Satterfield 5th (3rd), and Evan Crow 4th (3rd). Fifth row left: Abbigail Massie 2nd (6th grade), Madison Larimore 1st (5th grade), Kiernen Scott 2nd (5th). Back row left: Kameryn Lane 1st (6th grade), Kadyn Hall 4th (6th), Allie Hock 3rd (6th), Kolten Sullins 3rd (5th grade), Sadie Hutsell 4th (5th grade), and Xander Elrod 5th (5th).
By Shari Harris,
  Licking elementary grades one through six chose their best spellers to compete Tuesday, Feb. 26, for the title of “Best Speller” for their respective class. The top four winners from fourth, fifth and sixth grades qualified for the Frisco League Spelling Bee, March 27 at Dixon.
  The students were divided into their respective classes then were read the rules of the Bee. Next it was time to spell. If a student misspelled a word, they were out. If two players went out in the same round, they competed again to determine the proper ranking. The students were allowed to ask for the word to be used in a sentence, which helped differentiate homonyms. Homonyms were a deciding factor more than once for the third graders (and likely in other classes,) when students didn’t ask for the sentence and spelled the incorrect word. The time and effort all of these students put in was evident in the sure tones with which they spelled and in the multiple rounds necessary in the competition.
  Winners were announced and presented with ribbons from first up to sixth place, and their efforts were applauded by parents and interested parties who filled the elementary school cafeteria. Good luck to those advancing to the Frisco League competition!


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