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Tai Chi classes change location

Photo by Christy Porter
Surrounded by the unique visual displays of the Texas County Museum of Art and History on Main Street, participants in the Tai Chi classes can exercise both body and mind. The museum is a location change for the classes led by David Keymann, Tai Chi Instructor. Classes are held every Monday; weather permitting, from 12:30 – 1 p.m. and excluding holidays. Modified Sun Style is the form of Tai Chi instruction given and is a gentle form of martial art and exercise. It’s noted for slow, graceful moves and is said to be excellent for stress reduction, balance and self-development. This form of exercise is beneficial for everyone. The elderly and those with fibromyalgia or other disease processes find Tai Chi to be easier to tolerate than most other types of exercise, and it can be adapted to be done sitting if one is unable to stand.


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