“I Voted”

Photo by Christy Porter
Left: Sandy Aiken, Ruth Jackson, Margaret Burch and Brenda Bartleson help voters get correct ballots and complete documentation to ensure they can exercise their right to vote.
Photo by Christy Porter
Phyllis Caton and Linda Roberts are at hand to ensure ballets are cast properly, any questions answered and Linda graciously gives the “I Voted” stickers to voter.
By Christy Porter
Managing Editor

The Fox Fire Station Polling location had a good turnout early Tue., April 2. There continued to be a steady flow of voters into the morning, exiting with their “I Voted” stickers. Polling places opened at 6 a.m. and continued through 7 p.m.
Several people were on hand to help ensure that voting procedures were followed, resulting in accurate election results.
Serving here locally were Linda Roberts, 15 years experience, Phyllis Caton, 15+ years of experience, Sandy Aiken, 5 years of experience, Ruth Jackson, 20 years of experience, Margaret Burch, 17 years of experience and Brenda Bartleson, 2 years of experience. These ladies continue to serve their community by manning the polling booth after retirement from years with Intercounty Electric, the Licking school district and St. Louis Metro system.
Curbside voting was also made available at the Fox Fire Station polling location; this is for voters with limited mobility. An iPad and ballot are taken by poll officials, one Democrat and one Republican, to the vehicle outside the polling place. The voter then casts his ballot and the officials return with the ballot inside the polling place.
Absentee voting ended at 5 p.m., April 1, the day prior to this election.
To ensure accuracy of all ballots, when entering the polling booth and giving your identification, you are assigned a ballot in relation to your district. This information is retrieved electronically on the ipad which you sign. That ballot contains only the candidates and issues for which you are eligible to vote. After completing the ballot, the voter feeds it into the OpenElect Voting Optical Scan (OVO) where it is numbered. When the polls are closed, the number total of all iPads will agree with the total number of ballets cast on the OVO.
For more information regarding the Election process you may to the official website at www.sos.mo.gov/elections/goVoteMissouri/howtovote.



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