More Easter Bunny hoppenings!

More Easter Bunny hoppenings!
By Shari Harris,
Children and their families enjoyed the beautiful day

while capturing their treasures.

The Easter Bunny hopped through Licking again Wednesday, April 17, at Licking Residential Care and Saturday morning, April 20, at the Old City Park where he left boxes of eggs for the volunteers from the South Central Correctional Center (SCCC) to scatter. The Licking Fire Department was also on hand to help with the festivities.
“The grass is always greener….” Children race to be first to get to the other

side of the egg patch before beginning to pick up eggs.
The bunny hopped into Licking Residential Care Center and delivered baskets of goodies to the residents living there (see pictures on A9). The Bunny slowed down long enough for several residents and the staff to have their pictures taken with him.
The Licking Residential Care Center residents and staff had some fun with

the Easter Bunny. From left, kneeling beside the Easter Bunny are Rebecca

Griffin and Heather Fleming. Standing from left are Summer Ritchie, Lisa

Washburn, Haley Joyner, Sandy Jennings, and Jessica Hildebrand.

On Saturday, several volunteers from SCCC helped the bunny. Officer Hogue led the team in scattering eggs for the children. Officers Stacy Babayco, Brandi Tena, and Alex Goolie provided face painting for the children while they waited.
A line formed for Officers Goolie, Babayco, and Tena to paint faces

before the hunt.
Assistant Chief Tim Umfleet of the Licking Fire Department, accompanied by several of his team, also greeted the children and allowed them to see fire trucks up close. Randy Wilson, Engineer, Larry Potts, Firefighter, David Potts, Firefighter, Dylan Case, Firefighter and SCCC Officer, Lucas Green, Jr. Firefighter, Quentin Trout, Jr. Firefighter, and Alexis Pecoraro, Jr. Firefighter, were all present to help with the festivities.
Brent Shores enjoys riding shotgun on the fire truck Saturday.
This was the third annual Easter Egg Hunt the SCCC has sponsored. In 2017, SCCC Correctional Emergency Response Team (CERT) member Chad Thompson had the idea for the hunt. He organized a group consisting of CERT members, the Licking Police Department, and the Licking Fire Department to sponsor the event. Sadly, in June of the same year, Thompson passed away. His legacy has continued, and the children and families who participated in the event are grateful for that legacy and hope it is sustained for many years to come.
David Potts watches in case Tyler Smith needs a helping hand to climb the
giant step onto the fire truck.
That busy bunny left word that he will be back in town April 27 at Deer Lick Park to deliver eggs for the Flashlight Easter Egg Hunt. The fun starts at 8:30 p.m. Bring your own basket or bag and a flashlight.
Betty Gaino posed with the Easter Bunny while he was handing out baskets of

treats to the residents at Licking Residential Care Center Wednesday, April 24.



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