National Archery in the Schools Program (NASP)

Submitted photo
First row from left:  Mason Satterfield, Spencer Heath, Cole McCloy, Ryder Ingram, Logan Stines, John Gyory, Alex Buckner. Back row from left:  Kale Cook, Cylus Black, Titus Scavone, Jonah Henderson, Brently Morris, Jordan Ritz, and Lake Wade.

Submitted by Coach Jennifer Smith
During the 2015-16 school year. Licking Elementary grades 4-6 input archery into their school curriculum through the National Archery in the Schools Program. The program is supported by the Mo. Dept. of Conservation and is designed for grades 4 through 12.
“We started it at the elementary level to build interest in putting a team together for tournaments,” Coach Smith explained. At the end of the third year, approximately 10 students had participated in the local Dent Phelps tournament. Last year, 2017-18, the after-school program enrollment increased to 15 students every practice, and 14 attended the local tournament with seven of those advancing to state. This year, the program averaged 28 at practice, 27 attending the local Dent Phelps tournament, and 17 attending the local Laquey tournament. The fourteen pictured attended the NASP State Tournament at the Branson Convention Center on March 24.
Licking was represented well on Sunday during the State Aspire round with six archers in the top ten of their flight grouping. Cole McCloy ranked tenth overall 4th through 12th grade and first of 21 in sixth grade boys in his flight grouping, followed by Brently Morris second, Logan Stines third, Titus Scavone seventh, Cylus Black eighth, and Kale Cook tenth. There were 52 total in the flight overall. McCloy ranked tenth overall 4th through 12th grade and placed third overall for sixth grade boys, followed by Morris seventh and Stines eighth in top ten overall. Others who attended Dent-Phelps and Laquey were Jaxon Kuhn, Kannon Buckner, Lilly Cross, Emily Johnston, Addison Midkiff, Kalyn Tatroe, Joshawa Wade, Mya Rinne, Cason Malone, and Aubrey Gorman. We are very excited about the future of this program.



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